Formula 1 has revealed the center for the 2022 season.

23 Grand Prix will be played in the 2022 season.

The 2022 season started in Bahrain on 20 March.

And the 2022 season will be finished in Abu Dhabi on 20 November. 

All Grand Prix will be held in 23 places including Russia Sochi. (Russian Grand Prix)

But, recently, the Russian Grand Prix at Sochi cancelled due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

But, F1 remains committed to ensuring its record 23-race calendar is fulfilled this year.

Now, F1 committee has two possible alternative places to replace Russian Grand Prix.

The two places  are Qatar and Singapore. 

But, A F1 Grand Prix will already be organized in Singapore on 2nd October.

And organizing a Grand Prix in  Qatar is almost impossible because  ....

this year,  Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

Qatar signed a 10-year deal to host a grand prix starting from 2023.

That's why, Formula 1 could hold a second race in Singapore as a replacement of Russian Grand Prix. 

Second Singapore F1 race