Who started Mid-Day Meal Scheme? Top facts you need to know 

By Gkbooks 7 January, 2023

Recently, the West Bengal government has decided to serve chicken, seasonal fruits in the mid-day meal till April.

In this context, we have brought here some important information about Mid Day Meal Scheme. Let's see

It is a school meal program in India that serves freshly cooked meals to improve the nutritional status of school-aged children across the country.

The Midday Meal Scheme was first launched in Tamil Nadu in the early 1960s.

Gujarat was the second state to introduce the scheme in 1984.

A midday meal scheme was introduced in Kerala in 1984.

On 15th August 1995 the Mid-Day Meal Scheme was introduced as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme by the government of India.

Chief minister K. Kamaraj started the first Mid-Day Meal scheme in Tamil Nadu.