World Pasta Day: 10 Little-Known Facts About Pasta

By Srikanto Mandal 25 October, 2022

October 25 is celebrated as World Pasta Day, one of the world's favorite and most versatile foods.

National Pasta Day is celebrated in the United States on October 17.

Did you know that there are 33 types of pasta in the world, classified into 5 groups.

In the 1980s, macaroni was considered a ‘blue-collared’ variety of pasta.

Cooked pasta can be frozen and eaten again within 3 months.

Pasta dough is made with durum wheat flour, which differentiates it from regular noodles.

 Italy exports about 1.7 million tons of pasta a year.

According to Greek mythology, God Vulcan invented a device to make strings of dough, later perceived as Spaghetti

Spaghetti is long, thin, hard, cylindrical pasta that is a staple of traditional Italian cuisine.

Tube-shaped pasta of various lengths and diameters is known as rigatoni pasta.