World Television Day: Some Interesting facts you must know!! 

By Srikanto Mandal 21 November, 2022

In December 1996, the United Nations declared 21 November as World Television Day.

Sony in 1982 made the world’s first pocket television – the Sony Watchman

The world’s first High Definition television system broadcasting started in the UK in 1936.

The first TV remote was developed by Zenith in 1950 and was connected to the TV set by a cable.

The first TV ad aired in 1941 was a commercial for Bulova watches and at the time cost just $9 for 20 seconds.

In 1884, Paul Gottlieb Nipkow of Germany, developed the first mechanical television.

Television was first recognised as a word in English in 1907, and the acronym TV was coined in 1948.