World's Oldest Wood Structure Discovered in this Country: Amazing Facts 

By Srikanto Mandal 28 Sept, 2023

Recently A team of archaeologists discovered the World's Oldest Wood Structure in Zambia. 

The structure consists of "a pair of interlocking logs connected by a notch." It dates back to approximately 476,000 years ago.

This discovery was made at the Kalambo Falls archaeological site. It is Africa's second-highest waterfall and is located on the Kalombo River in Zambia.

The ancient wooden structure predates 'Homo sapiens' (humans) by more than 100,000 years. This finding suggests that early hominins possessed advanced woodworking skills.

The research team used a luminescence dating technique to ascertain the age of the world's oldest wooden structure. 

At the Kalambo site, researchers found four wooden tools. These tools date back to a period ranging from 390,000 to 324,000 years ago.

The project is led by Archaeologist Professor Larry Barham from the University of Liverpool, UK. This research is conducted as part of the "Deep Roots of Humanity" project.