What Countries Border India?

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What Countries Border India?

▪ India shares land borders with several countries, as well as maritime boundaries with others. Here is a list of countries that border India:

  1. Pakistan – to the northwest
  2. Afghanistan – to the northwest
  3. China – to the northeast
  4. Nepal – to the north
  5. Bhutan – to the northeast
  6. Bangladesh – to the east
  7. Myanmar – to the east
  8. Sri Lanka – via a maritime boundary to the south

▪ Additionally, India has maritime boundaries with the Maldives to the southwest and Indonesia and Thailand to the southeast.

Brief Description of Bordering Countries

▪ India shares land and maritime borders with several countries. Here are some details about the neighboring countries:

▪ The India-Pakistan border is approximately 3310 Km long and passes through various terrains. The border has been a contentious issue between the two countries and has witnessed several wars. India has installed floodlights along the border for security purposes.

▪ The India-Bangladesh border is the world’s fifth-longest land border, spanning 4096 Km. The primary issue along the border is smuggling, mainly from India to Bangladesh. The Indian government has implemented a shoot-to-kill policy to prevent illegal immigration.

▪ The India-Nepal border is around 1752 Km long, and there have been previous disagreements about the exact position of the border. The Kali River has been a source of conflict, and efforts to resolve the issue have been unsuccessful.

Sri Lanka
▪ India shares a 19-mile-long border with Sri Lanka, and the two countries signed treaties to keep the border region safe. The border is in the sea, and fishing has been a contentious issue.

▪ India shares a 578 Km long boundary with Bhutan, which has been relatively peaceful due to the absence of other entry points on land.

▪ India’s 106 KM border with Afghanistan is in the Kashmir region, currently under Pakistani control. India claims the territory as its own due to historical ties.

▪ India shares a 3488 Km long land border with China, with two regions heavily contested by the two countries. Efforts to resolve the issue have been unsuccessful, and both countries have a military presence in the area.

▪ India shares a 1643 Km long border with Myanmar, and India is constructing a barrier to prevent illegal goods from entering the country. India and Myanmar plan to establish a joint border patrol force to maintain security.

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