What is meant by Galvanisation why is it done?

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Category: Chemistry FAQs
Subject: Chemistry
Chapter: Metallurgy
Question: 2
Question 2. 
▪ What is meant by galvanisation why is it done?

▪ Galvanization is a method of protecting metal, especially iron or steel, from corrosion by coating it with a layer of zinc. This is achieved by immersing the metal in molten zinc or electroplating it with a layer of zinc. 
▪ The zinc coating acts as a protective layer that corrodes first instead of the underlying metal, thereby prolonging its lifespan. 
▪ Galvanization is commonly used to protect metal structures, including buildings, bridges, fences, and pipes, against corrosion and to enhance their longevity.

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What is meant by Galvanisation why is it done?

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