Why is Hilary leaving Love It or List It?

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In a surprising turn of events this December, Hilary Farr, the familiar face on HGTV’s Love It or List It, revealed her departure from the show after an impressive 19 seasons. Fans caught off guard, expressed their emotions on social media as they learned about Farr’s decision.

Why is Hilary leaving Love It or List It?

In an exclusive interview with Vulture, Farr opened up about her reasons for bidding farewell and the challenges she faced behind the scenes.

The Announcement: A Heartfelt Goodbye

Hilary Farr, a longtime co-host of Love It or List It, shared the news of her departure in December. This decision came after her recent battle with breast cancer. While Farr is now in remission, the experience prompted her to reevaluate her priorities and creative fulfillment. In an interview with People, she mentioned that even the show’s crew, including co-host David Visentin, was surprised by her decision.

Farr’s Reflection: “My recent battle with breast cancer made me reassess how I spend my time. I realized my creativity wasn’t being fulfilled by the show anymore.”

The Decision to Depart

  • The feeling of Boredom: Farr expressed that the decision to leave Love It or List It was driven by a sense of boredom. After 258 episodes, the show’s formulaic nature and predictability became apparent, leading Farr to seek new creative challenges.
  • Formulaic Nature: Love It or List It follows a structured format in each episode, and Farr acknowledged that while there are off-screen challenges, the routine of the show had become monotonous.

Farr’s Perspective: “It felt very stale. It’s a very formulaic show.”

Challenges Behind the Scenes

  • Pandemic Impact: The pandemic played a significant role in Farr’s decision. Filming challenges, supply-line issues, and stress added complexity to the production, especially as Farr navigated travel restrictions.
  • Stressful Time: Juggling filming in different locations amid the pandemic created an extraordinarily stressful time for Farr. The impact of Love It or List It on her life became overwhelming.

Farr’s Reflection: “It was taking up too much of my life and it was boring.”

Legacy and Recognition

  • Contributing to HGTV’s Success: Farr acknowledged her role in contributing to the success of HGTV. Love It or List It played a crucial part in the network’s resurgence, becoming a flagship program and resonating with a diverse audience.
  • Global Recognition: Despite her global recognition, Farr remains humbled and surprised by the diverse group of successful people who identify as fans. The show’s success transcends borders, with Farr being recognized in various countries.

Looking Ahead and Personal Projects

  • Decision Timing: Farr reportedly made the decision to leave Love It or List It a year ago. Despite a generous offer from the network, Farr’s commitment to departing from the show remained steadfast.
  • Retirement or Transition: Farr emphasized that her departure from Love It or List It does not signify retirement. Instead, it is an exodus from a demanding show, allowing her to focus on other projects on her terms.

Farr’s Intentions: “I just need to do them on my terms.”

Reflection on Home-Renovation Impact

  • Personal Philosophy: Farr highlighted the importance of viewing a home as a sanctuary and emphasized its functionality. She expressed concerns about the influence of home-renovation shows on creating unrealistic desires for perfection and trend-following.
  • Impact of Home-Renovation Shows: Farr believes that the desire for perfection and trend-following created by renovation shows has led to discontent among homeowners. She expressed worries about sustainability and spending.

Farr’s Concerns: “To not have the wish to truly personalize it to who you are or who your family is? To be influenced by television shows, magazines, etc.? I think that’s been a disservice generally.”

Fan Reactions: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Farr’s Instagram post, announcing her departure, triggered an outpouring of emotions from fans, fellow HGTV stars, and even co-host David Visentin. The comments section turned into a space for fans to share their thoughts on Farr’s unexpected exit.

  • Christina Hall’s Support: Fellow HGTV star Christina Hall expressed her anticipation for Farr’s next steps, commenting, “Can’t wait to see what’s next ❤️❤️.”
  • David Visentin’s Farewell: Co-host David Visentin assured Farr, “I will be phoning you regularly to soften your ‘David withdrawal.’ You will be missed! Congratulations ❤️.”

Social Media Buzz: Love and Loss

Fans took to social media platforms, including Facebook, to express their love for Farr and the impact her departure would have on the show. Many acknowledged the special dynamic between Farr and Visentin, emphasizing that the show wouldn’t be the same without their banter.

Fan’s Comment: “So sorry to see you leave. You will be missed, you’re regulars in our house…”

Looking Ahead: New Ventures Await

Despite the initial sadness over Farr’s departure, fans are already looking forward to her future projects. Some are excited about the potential for fresh beginnings, while others express curiosity about what’s next for the beloved designer.

Fan’s Comment: “New beginnings are cool… AND a bit scary! Can’t wait to hear!”


  • Surprise Departure: Hilary Farr, co-host of Love It or List It, announced her departure after 19 seasons, citing boredom and the formulaic nature of the show.
  • Health Battle Impact: Farr’s decision followed her battle with breast cancer, prompting a reevaluation of priorities and a shift in her career path.
  • Emotional Reactions: Fans and co-host David Visentin expressed emotions and support on social media in response to Farr’s departure.
  • Mixed Social Media Responses: Social media comments reflected a mix of sadness, love for the show, and anticipation for Farr’s next ventures.
  • Anticipation for the Future: Despite changes, fans are eager to see what the future holds for both Hilary Farr and Love It or List It.
  • Pandemic Challenges: Challenges during the pandemic and the demanding nature of filming contributed to Farr’s decision.
  • Acknowledgment of Contribution: Farr recognizes her role in contributing to HGTV’s success but remains humble about global recognition.
  • Decision Timeline: The decision to leave was made a year ago, reflecting Farr’s desire to pursue projects on her terms.
  • Concerns About Impact: Farr expresses concerns about the impact of home-renovation shows, emphasizing the importance of personalization and functionality.

In Conclusion

Hilary Farr’s departure from Love It or List It marks the end of an era for the beloved show. While fans are emotional about the change, they are also supportive and curious about Farr’s upcoming creative ventures. The dynamic between Farr and Visentin has left a lasting impact, and viewers eagerly await updates on what’s next for both the show and its departing co-host.


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