“World’s first ” in News 2021

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Word's First in News
Word’s First in News

Here The topic “World’s  First” in the news 2021 is a sub-topic under  international affairs. In this article, some of the most important static GKs of 2021 are given, which were in the headlines recently.

Check out the full list of  World’s First / Longest / Tallest / Biggest in the News  2021 [January to December]

Barbados becomes the world’s newest republic after almost 400 years.
Apretude is the World’s first-ever-injectable medicine capable of reducing the risk of acquiring HIV.
• World’s largest and most powerful space telescope – James Webb Space Telescope of NASA
• World’s first dual-mode vehicle that equally runs on railway track and road launched by Japan.
• World’s Longest Metro line has been opened in China.

➧ World’s most systemically important bank for the 3rd time _?
☞  American multinational investment bank JPMorgan Chase Bank.
• JPMorgan Chase topped the 2021 List of Global Systemically Important Banks (G-SIBs) and has been named the world’s most systemically important bank for the 3rd time.

▲ About JP Morgan Chase
• Founded on: December 1, 2000
• Founders: John Pierpont Morgan
• Headquarters: New York City, New York, U.S.

World’s first Merchant Shareholding Program (MSP) for its merchant partners launched by _?
☞ BharatPe

World’s first virtual-reality embassy, on the Metaverse Augmented Reality hosted by which country?
☞ Barbados, a Caribbean Island nation
• Barbados has signed an agreement with Decentraland, a blockchain metaverse platform to establish a digital embassy.

World’s first and India’s largest landfill gas-to-compressed biogas plant launched by _?
Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited (REEL)
• REEL has inaugurated this landfill gas-to-compressed biogas plant at the Hyderabad Integrated Municipal Solid Waste (HiMSW) site, Telangana.

World’s Most Sophisticated MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) facility launched in_?
National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), Manesar, Haryana.
• Union Minister Jitendra Singh Inaugurates World’s Most Sophisticated MRI facility at NBRC.

World’s Tallest Railway Bridge Pier will be coming up in _?
☞ Manipur, India
• Indian Railways are  constructing the world’s tallest railway bridge pier across river Ijai near Noney Valley crossing at a pier height of 141 metres in Manipur, India as a part of the 111 km long JiribamImphal railway project.

➧ Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) launched the World’s 1st ‘FIFA Football for School Programme’ in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
☞ India

➧ World’s Largest Virtual 2nd edition of the Global FinTech Festival (GFF)2021 hosted by
☞ India
• Theme of Festival: ‘FinTech: Empowering a Global Digital Economy’.

➧ World’s largest Khadi National Flag has been unveiled in
☞ Ladakh, India

➧World’s 3rd ‘Ropeway Public Transport’ will be set up
☞ Uttar Pradesh

➧ World’s First automated & driverless self-driving train launched in
☞ Germany

➧ World’s Best Employers 2021 ranking of Forbes, among Indian corporates
☞ Reliance Industrie

➧ World’s first film to be shot in space
☞ The Challeng

➧ World’s largest Cricket bat was unveiled in _
☞ Hyderabad

➧World’s largest hydrogen fuel cell power plant developed by
☞ South Korea

➧ World’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has opened in _
☞ Portugal

➧ The Border Roads Organisation of India has built 52-kilometer long across Umlingla Pass.

➧ World’s largest star sapphire cluster was recently found in Sri Lanka.

➧ World’s first DNA vaccine against Covid-19 for emergency use
☞ ZyCoV-D
• Approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI)

➧ World’s First Fossil-free Steel has been manufactured in the country_
☞ Sweden

➧ World’s largest and tallest observation wheel named as _
☞ Ain Duba
• The observation wheel unveiled by the UAE.

➧ World’s largest plant capturing carbon dioxide from the air, named _
☞ Orca (Iceland)

➧ World’s largest iceberg which has broken off recently from the western side of the Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica.
☞ Iceberg A-76

➧ World’s oldest animal cave painting, is located in
☞ Indonesia (A paintings of a 45,500 year old wild Pig have recently been discovered)

➧World’s second largest Hydro electric Dam
☞ Baihetan Hydropower Station

➟ Largest Hydro Power Dam -Three Gorges Dam
➟ Both are located in China

➧World’s ‘third largest’ diamond (1,098 carat) has recently been found in
☞ Botswana

➟ World’s largest diamond – Cullinan Diamond (3,106.75 carats)

➧ World’s largest variety of butterflies is found in
☞ Colombia (According to the Natural History Museum of London)

➧ World’s first exclusive Green rating system for High Speed Rail has been launched in
☞ India

➧ World’s only Sanskrit daily newspaper
☞ Sudharma
• K V Sampath Kumar, who was the editor of this paper, died recently. )

➧ World’s tallest sandcastle was constructed in
☞ Denmark

➧ World’s first solo motorcycle expedition covering 18 passes of Himalayas, recently finished by
☞ Kanchan Ugursandi

➧ World’s first 600 km/hour high-speed maglev train unveiled in
☞ China

➧ World’s first ‘clean’ commercial nuclear reactor constructed by
☞ China

➧World’s largest floating solar farm and energy storage system unveiled in
☞ Indonesia

➧ World’s first-ever wooden satellites developed by
☞ Japan

➧ World’s first consignment of ‘carbon-neutral oil’ from the US has sourced by
☞ Reliance Industries Ltd

➧World’s first energy island in the North Sea built by
☞ Denmark

➧ World’s smallest reptile has been discovered in
☞ Madagascar (Name of the Reptile Brookesia nana)

➧ India will overtake the European Union as the world’s third-largest energy consumer by the year
☞ 2030 (According to International Energy Agency (IEA)

➧ World’s tallest railway bridge
☞ Chenab rail bridge
• Built over Chenab River
• Built by Konkan Railway Corporation

➧ World’s first platypus sanctuary will be built in
☞ Australia

➧ World’s first ship tunnel to be built in
☞ Norway
• Name of the tunnel “Stad Ship Tunnel”
• Total length – 1.7Km

➧ World’s First Mobile Water from Air Kiosk and Water Knowledge Centre has been set up in
☞ Visakhapatnam ,Andhra Pradeh,India

➧ World’s first animal vaccine against the novel coronavirus has been registered
in the country
☞ Russia

➧ World’s first country to bring a law forcing its financial firms to report the impacts of climate change on their business?.
☞ New Zealand

➧ World’s largest Hybrid Energy Plant (wind & solar) will be come up in
☞ Kutch Region of Gujarat

➧World’s 1st Double Stack Container Train will run in
☞ Rewari in Haryana- Madar Freight in Rajasthan Corridor Section

➧ World’s largest zero-subsidy domestic LED bulb programme
☞ UnnatJyoti by Affordable LEDs for All (UJALA)

➧ World’s largest streetlight replacement programme
☞ Street Lighting National Programme (SLNP)

➧Worlds Largest Cricket Stadium Inaugurated in
☞ Ahmedabad. (Renamed to Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium)

➧ World’s 1st Orbital-class reusable rocket
☞ Falcon-9 Rocket of SpceX

➧ World’s first Hybrid Aerospace and Defence Exhibition
☞ Aero India Exhibition 2021

➧ World’s 1st Commercial Rocket launch powered by Biofuel.
☞ Stardust 1.0
• Launched by United States (US) based Startup bluShift Aerospace

➧ World’s Largest Radio Telescope
☞ Square Kilometre Array

➧ World’s first-ever help desk for the transgender community opens in ☞ Telangana’s Gachibowli

➧ World’s Most Powerful Supercomputerwhich is developed by Japan named as
☞ “Fugaku”

➧ World’s first PC using plastic waste from the ocean.
☞ Developed by HP (Hewlett-Packard)

➧ World’s 1st Microsensor (or MEMS, Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems) based Explosive Trace Detector (ETD) developed by
☞ NanoSniff Technologies, an IIT Bombay incubated Startup

➧ World’s First Country to Ban Synthetic Cannabinoids
☞ China

➧ World’s First Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ship named
☞ “Mayflower 400”

➧ World’s Largest Aeroplane codenamed
☞ ‘Roc’
• It is built by – Stratolaunch, an US based Aerospace Company

➧ World’s first 2 nanometre chip technology unveiled by
☞ International Business Machines (IBM)

➧ World’s first Nano Urea Liquid for farmers introduced by
☞ Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO)

➧ World’s Longest undersea cable built by Google named as
☞ Firmina (It connects the United States of America (USA) with South America)

➧ World’s first genetically modified (GM) rubber sapling was planted at the
☞ Rubber board’s Sarutari research farm on the outskirts of Guwahati, Assam

➧ World’s largest Emissions Trading System (ETS) launched by
☞ China

➧ World’s 3rd Largest Cricket Stadium is set to be constructed in
☞ Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

➧  World’s first ‘carbon border tax’ on imports of carbon-intensive goods, is planned to be imposed by the
☞ European Commission (EC), the executive branch of European Union (EU)
• It will be effective from 2026

➧World’s 1st 3D-printed Steel Bridge Opened to Public in
☞ Amsterdam, Netherlands

➧  World’s 1st Country to approve GM ‘Golden Rice’ for Production
☞ Philippines

➧ World’s 1st ‘Clean’ commercial Nuclear Reactor plant built by
☞ China

➧ World’s largest Cattle Genomic Chip ‘IndiGau’ launched by
☞ Dr. Jitendra Singh (India)

➧ World’s Largest Plant to Capture Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from air, named
☞ ‘Orca’ (Starts Operating in Iceland)

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