Backlash and Trolling of The Life of YouTube Sensation Ms Rachel and Her Composer Husband

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It’s been a challenging year for Ms. Rachel, a former preschool teacher turned YouTube and TikTok sensation. After trading in her classroom tools for lights and cameras, this 42-year-old mom found a new calling as an online educator and songwriter. She’s dedicated to helping toddlers and infants develop language skills through entertaining music videos on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Backlash and Trolling of The Life of YouTube Sensation Ms Rachel and Her Composer Husband
YouTube Sensation Ms. Rachel and Her Husband (Photo: Instagram)

Ms. Rachel’s YouTube channel, “Ms Rachel – Toddler Learning Videos“, boasts over 7.61 million subscribers, gained since she started in 2019. Her inspiration came from a personal need – her son’s speech delay. The lack of suitable resources led her to create engaging content for children.

Her YouTube series, “Songs for Littles,” has gained global fame. Despite her popularity, Ms. Rachel recently took a break from social media due to mental health concerns. Now, let’s delve into the less spotlighted aspects of her life.

Meet Ms. Rachel’s Composer Husband

About Ms. Rachel’s Family

Rachel, the well-known influencer, is happily married to Aron Accurso, a Broadway music director and composer. In 2019, she made a significant decision to leave her teaching career to spend more time with her now four-year-old son.

Educational Background

Ms. Rachel is not just an online sensation; she’s also highly educated. She holds two master’s degrees—one in early childhood development and another in music education. Currently, she’s working towards earning another master’s in education, all while creating content for her YouTube channel.

Collaboration with Husband

Aron Accurso, Rachel’s husband, actively contributes to the creative process. He collaborates on writing music and skits, edits content, and even assists with puppet performances. Aron, with a passion for choral music, has several adult musicals in development, such as “The Dogs of Pripyat” and “Seeing Red” with Joey Mazzarino from Sesame Street.

Family Dynamics

The Accurso family is not just about creating online content; they thrive on collaboration and support in both their personal and professional lives.

Future Ventures

Aron’s dedication to musical projects hints at the family’s continued creative ventures, promising more engaging content in the future.

Ms. Rachel’s Wealth and Advocacy

Growing Up and Current Residence

Rachel’s roots may be in Maine, but now she creates videos from her family’s New York apartment.

Financial Success

As of August 2023, Ms. Rachel’s net worth stands at an impressive $8.24 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

Advocacy for Children

Beyond her online success, Ms. Rachel is a passionate advocate for children’s rights. She actively works to ensure that every child has access to high-quality early childhood education.

Humanitarian Work

Not only is she a content creator, but Ms. Rachel also serves as an ambassador for organizations like Save the Children and Room to Grow. Through these roles, she contributes to initiatives aimed at improving children’s lives and opportunities.

Balancing Fame and Philanthropy

Ms. Rachel’s journey goes beyond wealth; it’s about making a positive impact on children’s lives and promoting access to quality education for all.

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The Success of “Songs for Littles – Toddler Learning Videos”

Impressive YouTube Success

Under the banner of “Songs for Littles – Toddler Learning Videos,” Ms. Rachel has achieved remarkable success, amassing a whopping 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

Financial Milestones

In 2023, Ms. Rachel’s financial achievements are equally noteworthy. Her estimated net worth has reached an impressive $10 million. What’s even more astonishing is her monthly income from YouTube, ranging between $80,800 and $1.3 million, leading to an annual earnings range of $970,000 to $15.5 million.

The Power of Toddler Learning Videos

The channel’s popularity underscores the effectiveness of toddler learning videos, showcasing Ms. Rachel’s expertise in engaging and educating young minds through entertaining content.

Ms. Rachel’s Impact

As a creator, Ms. Rachel’s success not only reflects her digital triumph but also emphasizes the significant influence she holds in the realm of toddler education on a global scale. Her dedication to creating content that resonates with parents and engages children has truly made “Songs for Littles” a powerhouse in the world of educational YouTube channels.

Navigating Backlash: Ms. Rachel’s Experience with Trolling

Backlash on TikTok

Earlier this year, Ms. Rachel, the popular influencer, found herself facing criticism from some parents on TikTok. They labeled her content as “inappropriate” due to the inclusion of her co-star, Jules Hoffman, a musician who uses they/them pronouns.

Debate on Pronouns

The use of they/them pronouns by Ms. Rachel sparked a heated debate. A TikTok user’s video with the caption, “When Miss Rachel introduces they/them/their pronouns, so you have to stop watching her,” triggered nearly 5,000 comments.

Co-Star Jules Hoffman

Jules Hoffman, a talented singer-songwriter based in New York City, collaborates on many of Ms. Rachel’s videos. Despite their musical versatility, the use of they/them pronouns became a point of contention among some viewers.

TikTok User’s Decision

A TikTok user, mama_burg, publicly announced discontinuing watching Ms. Rachel’s content due to the introduction of they/them pronouns. This decision highlighted the ongoing conversation around inclusivity and language in online spaces.

Dealing with Negativity: Ms. Rachel’s Resilience

Another Round of Negativity

After a few months, Rachel faced more negativity, this time from an Instagram troll. The troll commented on her video, suggesting she should lose weight and enhance her appearance.

Rachel’s Response

In response, Rachel addressed the criticism with grace. She shared, “Finishing my second master in education while someone comments I’ve gained weight and should lose weight and try to be prettier if I’m going to have a show teaching toddlers.”

Support from Followers

Fortunately, Rachel’s followers rallied behind her, condemning the troll’s comments. One follower expressed, “Your body is nobody’s business. Thank you for teaching kids what matters – kindness, empathy, helping others, being a good human.” The supportive messages reminded Rachel that the negativity stemmed from the troll’s insecurities, not reflecting on her worth or accomplishments.


In the face of challenges and negativity, Ms. Rachel has shown remarkable resilience. From transitioning her career as a former preschool teacher to becoming a YouTube sensation, her dedication to educating and entertaining children has made a significant impact.

Despite facing criticism and trolls, Ms. Rachel has handled each situation with grace, emphasizing the importance of kindness and empathy—values she instills in the young minds she reaches through her content. Her journey reflects not just the highs of online fame but also the strength needed to navigate the complexities of social media.

As she continues to inspire and uplift, Ms. Rachel’s story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the positive influence one can have, even in the virtual world. Her commitment to education, coupled with her ability to rise above negativity, sets an example for her followers, showing that staying true to oneself is the key to long-lasting success.

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