India's First Deep Sea Adventure: The Samudrayaan Mission Unveiled!

By Srikanto Mandal 15 Sept, 2023

Minister of Earth Sciences, Kiren Rijiju, shared exciting news about India's upcoming deep-sea mission, "Samudrayaan."

The mission involves the use of the 'MATSYA 6000' submersible, currently under construction at the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT)in Chennai.

"Samudrayaan" marks India's first manned deep ocean exploration, intending to send a crew of three humans to explore depths of up to 6,000 meters in a submersible.

The submersible is being developed by NIOT in Chennai and is considered a cutting-edge ocean vehicle designed to fulfill the mission's objectives.

The "6000" in its name signifies its capability to descend to depths of 6,000 meters beneath the ocean's surface.

The submersible is equipped with advanced instruments such as an Autonomous Coring System (ACS), Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), and Deep Sea Mining System (DSM) to facilitate deep-sea exploration.

Scientists on the mission will focus on identifying valuable substances like nickel, cobalt, and manganese.

The Deep Ocean Mission is estimated to cost Rs. 4,077 crores, spanning from 2021 to 2026, with a current budget of Rs. 1,400 crores.

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