Cell Theory

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Cell Theory
Discovery of Cells
• First cell discovered by Robert Hoke In 1665.
• Robert Hooke examined a piece of Cork under microscope and founf honey like shapes.
• He gave Cell term to those honey like shapes.
• Cell is a Latin Word , it means Hollow Space/Little Room.

• Robert Hooke actually discovered Suberised Cell Wall or dead cell ,not the living cell.
• Robert Hooke published his observation in his book “Micrographia” in 1665.
• He was First to Use term Cell. and known as Father of Cytology.

• Antoni Vonn Leeuwenhoeck in 1676 first time noticed a free living cell.
• This living cell was a Bacteria discovered from the rain water of soil.
• He named it Wild Animalcules.

Cell Theory
• Cell theory given by :- Schleiden (German Botanist) & Schwann (British Zoologist)
• In 1838 They observed a large number of plants and observed that all plants are composed of different kinds of cells which form the tissues of the plant.
• Idea of cell theory given by :- French scientist Dutrochaete.
• Cell Theory was extended by :- Rudolf Virchow.
• He first time indicate that tissues are made by the Union of cells.

•Modern cell theory is called cell principle.
• According to it ……
 Cell is the structural and Functional unit of life.
 Cell is the smallest unit in which life can exist.
 All living being were composed of cell.
 Each cell consists of a Protoplasmic mass, containing a nucleus.

• Rudolf Virchow suggested that “All Living cells arise from pre existing living cells.”
• It is called Law of Cell Lineage.
• This fact experimentally proved by Louis Pasteur.
• Louis Pasteur performed Swan Neck flask experiment.
• Louis Pasteur conducted Broth experiments that rejected the idea of spontaneous generation even for Microbes.

• Rudolf Virchow (1855) first explained that cells divided and new cells are formed from pre-existing cells (Omnis cellula-e cellula).
• He modified the hypothesis of Schleiden and Schwann to give the cell theory a final shape.
• Cell theory as understood today is ……
◘ all living organisms are composed of cells and products of cells.
◘ all cells arise from pre-existing cells

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