Indian Railway Zones And Their Headquarters PDF with Divisions

Railway Zones in India PDF with Headquarters and Divisions

Indian Railways, like a giant web of train tracks and moving trains, have always been the heart of India’s way of getting around. It’s like a massive spider’s web, linking big cities, far-off villages, and everything in between. Every day, millions of people and loads of stuff travel from one place to another. To ensure … Read more

Longest Railway Platform in India 2024 [Latest Updates]

Longest Railway Platform in India and World [Latest Updates]

Have you ever wondered which station will hold the title of India’s longest railway platform in 2024? The answer might surprise you. Unfurling an impressive 1.5 kilometers, the Hubballi Junction Railway station reigns supreme, playing a vital role in connecting passengers across the vast Indian railway network. India’s Longest Railway Platforms in 2024: A Shift … Read more

List of Railway Production Units in India [2024]: Complete Details

The text "List of Railway Production Units in India" written on a green side with gear icons

In India, the railway equipment industry was established as a ‘Peninsular Locomotive Company’ in the Singhbhum district of Jharkhand in 1921. Later, it was named ‘Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO)’. This is one of the major topics under the general knowledge section, and the location was often asked about in various competitive exams. For … Read more

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