MCQ on Alloys: Test Your Metallurgy Knowledge

MCQ on Alloys: Test Your Metallurgy Knowledge

Welcome to a comprehensive set of General Science MCQs focusing on alloys, a vital aspect of metallurgy. Alloys play a crucial role in various industries and are frequently tested in competitive exams such as SSC, CGL, RRB NTPC, Railways, UPSC, and state-level exams. This Chemistry MCQ series on alloys aims to sharpen your understanding and … Read more

MCQs on Sound Asked in PYQs

In every competitive exam, general science plays a crucial role, encompassing Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Among the various physics chapters, some are particularly important from an exam perspective, and one such chapter is Sound. In this blog post, I have compiled multiple-choice questions (MCQs) based on this significant physics chapter, sourced from Previous Years Question … Read more

PYQ MCQs on the Revolt of 1857 for Competitive Exams with Answer

PYQ MCQs on the Revolt of 1857

The fight for Indian independence is a rich tapestry woven with countless threads, and the Revolt of 1857 stands as a pivotal moment. Acing questions on this historical event is crucial for aspirants aiming to crack competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, Railways, and various state PSCs. But fret not! This blog post equips you with … Read more

Jainism Top PYQ MCQs with Answers

Jainism Top PYQ MCQs with Answers

Explore your knowledge of Jainism with our comprehensive collection of Jainism Top PYQ MCQs (Previous Years’ Question Papers)! Dive deep into this ancient religion and test your understanding with these frequently asked multiple-choice questions. Let’s unlock the depths of Jain philosophy together! Jainism Top PYQ MCQs Set-1 Q1. ‘Ajivika’ sect was founded by [UPPCS (Pre) … Read more

MCQs on Mountain Passes of India: Previous Years Questions

MCQs on Mountain Passes of India Previous Years Questions

Prepare for exams with our MCQs on the mountain passes of India from previous years. Test your knowledge and boost your confidence with our comprehensive collection. PYQ MCQs on Mountain Passes of India Set-1 Q1. The road that negotiates four high passes of the world in the Himalayas isA. Darjeeling to NepalB. Shimla to DalhousieC. … Read more

Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change PYQ MCQs

Prepare for upcoming competitive exams by exploring over 70 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change, frequently asked in previous years’ examinations such as IAS, UPSC, BPSC, WBCS, MPPSC, and various state PSC exams. This topic typically accounts for 2 to 3 questions in these exams. Test your knowledge with the following … Read more

Indus Valley Civilization Previous Year MCQs

The Indus Valley Civilization holds significant importance in Ancient History. Nearly all competitive exams include 2-3 questions from this chapter. In this post, I’ve compiled some essential Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from Previous Year Questions (PYQ) to help you prepare. Test your knowledge and elevate your exam performance. Indus Valley Civilization Previous Year MCQs Part-1 … Read more

Stone Age MCQs asked in PYQ

Stone Age MCQs asked in PYQ

Explore a wide range of Stone Age MCQs from previous years’ papers of various competitive exams. Test your knowledge and prepare yourself for Indian History for success in your exams! Stone Age MCQs asked in PYQ Part -1 Q1. The earliest evidence of man in India is found in [Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2006][A] Nilgiri Hills[B] … Read more

10 Essential World Meteorological Day MCQs to Know

Test your knowledge of World Meteorological Day with these 10 must-know multiple-choice questions. Expand your expertise now! Practice these 10 MCQs on World Meteorological Day Q1. When is World Meteorological Day observed? A) March 21B) March 23C) April 1D) May 15 View Answer Answer –B) March 23 Q2. In which year was the World Meteorological … Read more

45+ WBCS Prelims 2023 History MCQs With Explanation

Get ready for WBCS Prelims 2024. Practice these 45+ WBCS Prelims 2023 History MCQs with in-depth explanations. Strengthen your historical knowledge and excel in the exam by practicing now! ✅ Explore More MCQs on Indian History WBCS Prelims 2023 History MCQs Part-1 Q1. Who Observed: “The Congress is, in reality, a civil war without arms?”A. … Read more

60+ GK Questions on Union Budget 2024 in MCQ format

GK Questions on Union Budget in MCQ format

In this blog post, we present over 60 GK Questions on Union Budget 2024 in a user-friendly MCQ format. From historical milestones to the latest fiscal policies, we’ve crafted questions that cater to various levels of expertise. So, gear up for an enlightening journey through the corridors of economic decision-making! Also See: All MCQ List … Read more

Republic Day 2024 GK and Current Affairs Quiz, Questions and Answers

Republic Day GK and Current Affairs Quiz

Test your knowledge on Republic Day 2024 with our GK and Current Affairs Quiz! Find answers to all your questions in one place. Republic Day 2024 GK and CA Quiz Part-1 Q1. What is the significance of Republic Day in India? A. Marks the Independence DayB. Marks the adoption of the Indian Constitution C. Marks … Read more

Parakram Diwas 2024 Quiz

Today, January 23rd marks Parakram Diwas, celebrating the courage and spirit of a legend – Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. But how much do you know about this fearless freedom fighter and the day dedicated to him? This Parakram Diwas, test your knowledge with our exciting quiz! Dive into questions about Netaji’s incredible journey, the significance … Read more

Top 100 MCQs on Lakshadweep: For Competitive Exams

Explore your knowledge about Lakshadweep, the unique union territory of India, through this curated set of Top 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) designed specifically for competitive exams. These selective MCQs cover various aspects of Lakshadweep, including geography, culture, administration, and notable events. As a bonus, we’ve included some current affairs questions, such as the recent … Read more

Matter in Our Surroundings Class 9 MCQ With Answers based on NCERT

Matter in Our Surroundings is the first chapter in the NCERT Class 9 Chemistry textbook. It introduces students to the basic concepts of matter, such as its states, phases, and changes. Students also learn about the different types of matter and their properties. This blog post provides a comprehensive set of MCQs based on the … Read more

MCQ on Indian River System Based on NCERT

Are you preparing for competitive exams like WBCS, SSC, UPSC, or state-based exams? If so, you’ll know the importance of a solid awareness of India’s river system, a frequently asked topic in these examinations. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a set of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on the Indian River System, based on NCERT, … Read more

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