The Law of Inertia: In-depth Notes

The Law of Inertia In-depth Notes

Understanding the fundamental principles of physics is crucial for comprehending the world around us. One such principle is the law of inertia, a concept that plays a significant role in both everyday life and scientific exploration. This article delves into the law of inertia, its types, historical background, interesting facts, and practical examples. Definition of … Read more

Different Characteristics of Sound: An In-Depth Look at Its Core Properties

Different Characteristics of Sound

Understanding sound is crucial in general science and essential for most competitive exams. This post covers one of the most important topics from the “Sound” chapter of the NCERT class 9 Physics textbook: Different Characteristics of Sound. We’ll cover the core and additional characteristics of sound in detail, along with key points and infographics to enhance … Read more

Types of Physical Quantities with Examples: General Science Physics

Types of Physical Quantities with Examples: General Science Physics

Understanding the “Types of Physical Quantities with Examples” is essential for anyone preparing for competitive exams. It is a significant aspect of physics within the realm of general science, and this knowledge encompasses a range of important concepts that are widely applicable in various competitive examinations. In the world of science and physics, physical quantities … Read more

Ohm’s Law -Definition, Statement, Formula, Limitation

Ohm’s Law -Definition, Statement, Formula, Limitation

What is Ohm’s Law? • German physicist and mathematician Georg Simon Ohm discovered that there is a direct proportionality between the potential difference (voltage) applied across a conductor and the resulting electric current. This relationship is called Ohm’s law. Ohm’s law definition • Ohm’s law states that the voltage across a conductor is directly proportional … Read more

Image formed by Plane Mirror

the text "Image formed by Plane Mirror" written on a black background with an image of ray diagram

‘Image formed by Plane Mirror‘ is an important topic in general science. For upcoming competitive exams like SSC, Banking, UPSC, Railways, and State Level Exams, general science is vital. To cover all general science topics, we divided each chapter into several subtopics. The topic ‘Image formed by Plane Mirror ‘ comes under the Ray Optics … Read more

Optical Instruments, Uses and Functions: Complete Notes

List of optical instruments PDF

The “Optical instruments list” is part of the chapter on ray optics. It is an important topic in general science. In this article, we provide all the major optical instruments with the previous year’s questions asked in SSC. Also, we include frequently asked questions and answers that are very important for various competitive exams like … Read more

Different types of work done, Definition, Units, and Dimension

Different types of Work Done

Hello friends, General Science is a crucial subject for competitive exams such as RRB NTPC, ALP, SSC, CDS, and UPSC. This post will give an overview of General Science’s Work, Power, and Energy chapter. We have provided detailed notes on the different types of work, definitions, dimensions, and formulas. Introduction ▪ In our daily life, … Read more

Total Internal Reflection, Definition, Conditions, Application: Complete Notes

Total Internal Reflection, definition, conditions, application

Dear Aspirants, General Science is a key subject in all competitive exams, including SSC CGL, RRB NTPC, CDS, and UPSC. One critical area within physics that often features prominently in these exams is “Ray Optics.” Specifically, “Total Internal Reflection” is a topic that frequently appears, with 2-3 questions typically devoted to it. In this comprehensive … Read more

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