English Synonyms MCQ with Answers: Asked in Previous Year SSC Exams

English Synonyms MCQ with Answers Set-1 [25 MCQs] Q1. DebilitateA. VitalizeB. AnimateC. WeakenD. Sustain View Answer Answer – Answer: C. Weaken Explanation-“Debilitate” means to weaken, impair, or make someone or something feeble. “Weaken” is the most appropriate synonym, emphasizing a decrease in strength or vitality. Q2. BeneficiariesA. recipientsB. donorsC. addressesD.profiteers View Answer Answer – A. … Read more

Idioms and Phrases MCQ [600 Questions] Based on SSC Exams

All these MCQ questions on Idioms and Phrases were asked in previous years’ SSC exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC MS, SSC CHSL, etc. Idioms and Phrases MCQ Set-1 Q1. “To leave no stone unturned” means:A. To comprehensively arrange thingsB. To fully revise something producedC. To completely renovate an old buildingD. To make … Read more

One Word Substitution MCQ

One Word Substitution MCQ Set-1 Q1. A person who presents a radio/television program.A. IdolB. AnchorC. SpeakerD. Star View Answer Answer –B. Anchor Explanation- Q2.One who cannot be reformed or changedA. invincibleB. infallibleC. incorrigibleD. indelible View Answer Answer –C. Incorrigible Explanation- Q3.A person who pretends to have morals and beliefs that he or she doesn’t believe … Read more

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