Mixed Economic System: Characteristics, Examples, Pros & Cons

Mixed Economic System Characteristics, Examples, Pros & Cons

A mixed economic system is a type of economy that combines both private and public sectors. In simpler terms, it means that both businesses and the government play important roles in the economy. This system aims to get the best of both worlds by allowing businesses to run freely while also ensuring that the government … Read more

Micro ATMs in India, Definition, Features, Benefits

Micro ATMs in India, Definition, Features, Benefits

Micro ATMs are compact handheld devices designed to facilitate fundamental banking transactions in distant or underprivileged regions, offering financial services to individuals without access to traditional banking. Explore more about these devices in the following article. Micro ATMs Micro ATMs are small electronic gadgets that offer essential banking services in regions with limited banking facilities. … Read more

GATT Explained: Key Facts and Insights

GATT Explained

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is a cornerstone in the history of international trade, shaping the economic landscape since its inception in 1947. Established to reduce tariffs and other trade barriers, GATT played a pivotal role in promoting global economic cooperation and growth. Although it was succeeded by the World Trade Organization … Read more

Regional Rural Banks in India: History, List, Function, and Key Points

Regional Rural Banks in India

Uncover the rich history, compositions, features, functions, and key points of Regional Rural Banks in India. This article provides a comprehensive list and valuable information about these banks. Start exploring now! Empowering Rural India: A Guide to Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) Established in 1975, RRBs are a unique banking initiative in India specifically designed to … Read more

Major Flagship Schemes of the Government of India: Important List

Flagship Schemes of Government of India

Hey there, toppers-in-the-making! Acing that upcoming UPSC, SSC, Railway, or State PSC exam requires acing not just the core subjects, but also staying sharp on current affairs and government initiatives. The Government of India’s Flagship Schemes are a goldmine of information for aspirants. They encompass crucial aspects of the Indian economy and reflect the government’s … Read more

RBI Governors List from 1935 to 2024: Name, Eligibility, Powers, Tenure Complete Guide

RBI Governors List

Explore the complete guide to RBI Governors from 1935 to 2024. Learn about their names, eligibility, powers, and tenure. Everything you need to know in one place! Are you preparing for competitive exams and aiming to boost your general knowledge? Understanding the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and its Governors is essential for excelling in … Read more

Indian Currency Notes and Coins: Symbol, New Currency, Press & Mints

Indian Currency Notes and Coins, Symbol, New Currency, Press & Mints

The Indian economy is heavily dependent on its currency, which consists of both notes and coins. The notes are printed at various security presses located in different parts of the country. Coins feature symbols that carry specific meanings. This knowledge is important for students preparing for competitive exams, as understanding the Indian currency is an … Read more

Budget 2024: What is the Union Budget? How is it prepared? Know everything, from Significance to objectives

Union Budge significance to objectives

Welcome, budget enthusiasts! Ever wondered about the Union Budget and how the Indian government plans its finances for the year? Well, you’re in the right place! Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of Budget 2024 and unravel the mysteries behind this crucial financial plan. As per Article 112 of the Indian Constitution, the Union Budget, also … Read more

RBI Monetary Policy, Instruments, Objectives, Types, Infographics, & More

RBI Monetary Policy, Instruments, Objectives, Types, Infographics

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) plays a crucial role in regulating India’s monetary policy. This article covers the basics of RBI’s monetary policy, including its instruments, objectives, types, and more. Read on to learn about the different types of monetary policies, how the RBI implements them, and the impact they have on the Indian … Read more

Sectors of the Indian Economy with Examples: Complete Notes

Sectors of Indian Economy Notes

Read this complete and easy-to-understand notes on sectors of the Indian economy including primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. Learn about each sector’s key characteristics, challenges, and opportunities and understand their role in driving India’s economic growth. Different Sectors of the Indian Economy India’s economy is categorized into three main sectors: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary … Read more

Reserve bank of India Functions & Facts with Previous Year Questions

Reserve Bank of India Functions & Facts with Previous Year Questions

Dear Aspirants, Check out the brief notes on “Reserve Bank of India functions & facts”. The Reserve Bank of India, mostly known as RBI, is India’s primary central bank responsible for regulating and supervising the Indian banking system. Its functions encompass a wide range of financial activities, including managing monetary policy, maintaining financial stability, regulating … Read more

Fintech: What is it, How it works, Examples, Regulations, Revenue Model, Complete Details

Fintech: What is it, How it works, Examples, Regulations, Revenue Model, Complete Details

As an individual, if you use an online app to recharge your mobile or use any other transactional utility like online shopping through UPI, you are among the users of fintech. Fintech is a rapidly growing field in India that transforming the financial sector. It is a technology-driven solution that is designed to make financial … Read more

US Currency Monitoring List: All You Need to Know

US Currency Monitoring List

The US Department of Treasury has recently withdrawn India from its ‘Currency Monitoring list’ of significant trading partners, along with Italy, Mexico, Thailand, and Vietnam. The decision was made on the same day that Treasury Secretary (Just like the Finance Minister of India) Janet Yellen visited New Delhi and spoke to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. … Read more

Industrial Policy of India (1948-2022), Explanation and features

Industrial Policy of India

The Industrial Policy of India is a set of standards and measures formulated by the government to assess the progress of economic conditions in various sectors of India, including the labour market. These include policies, rules, regulations, incentives and penalties, tariffs, labour policies, government attitudes toward foreign capital and manufacturing sectors, etc. The ultimate goal … Read more

CTS Full Form, Functions, Benefits: Complete Details

CTS Full Form

Are you curious about CTS Full Form and its impact on modern banking? Imagine a world where cheque processing is fast, seamless, and secure. Enter the Cheque Truncation System (CTS). This revolutionary innovation is transforming the financial landscape, making the age-old process of cheque clearing a breeze. By eliminating the physical movement of cheques, CTS … Read more

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