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Discover the creative mind behind the blog – Meet Srikanta Mondal, the sole author of Gkbooks who curates all the content for aspirants.

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Quick Info About Me

Academic Name:Srikanta Mondal
Nick Name:Vaskor Mondal
Date of Birth:1 September, 1991
Place of Birth:Naihati, North 24 Parganas
Age:33 (As of 2024)
Educational Qualification:B.TECH in Information Technology
Occupation:Educator, Blogger and Content Writer
Working Experience:Making Notes for some of the famous Facebook Pages or Groups “UDAAN”, “WBCS (Exe) & PSC-WB” and Pediascience.
Expert in:Making Study Notes, Maps, MCQs, and Infographics
Experience:5 Years

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Quick Overview About Gkbooks

Author:Sriknata Mondal
Launch Year:2021
Subject Covered:General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Indian History, Indian Geography, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, MCQ, Question & Answer
Useful for:All competitive Exam Aspirants in India
Notable Features:Unique Infographics, Topic-wise MCQs, Solution of recently asked questions in various exams
Total Social Media Subscriber/Follower:7000 as of 2024

Brief overview of the blog

Welcome to, a platform created to assist individuals on their journey toward securing their dream jobs.

At, my commitment is to provide updated and comprehensive content across essential topics like current affairs, Static GK, General studies, and a variety of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with detailed answers.

I aim to empower those who are striving to achieve their dream jobs with the knowledge and resources needed to excel in exams.

With a focus on delivering up-to-date information and diverse question-answer formats, this blog serves as a trusted companion in the pursuit of academic success.

Author of Gkbooks - Srikanta Mondal (Nickname- Vaskor Mondal)
Author of Gkbooks – Srikanta Mondal (Nickname- Vaskor Mondal)

Importance of introducing the author

  • Providing insight into the creator helps establish trust and credibility.
  • Readers can better connect with the content when they know the person behind it.
  • Introducing the author adds a personal touch, making the blog more engaging and relatable.
  • It sets the context for readers to understand the motivation and expertise driving the creation of content.

About Srikanta Mondal

Personal background

Early Life and Upbringing

I’m Srikanto Mondal, also known by the nickname Vaskor Mondal, and I’m from the town of Naihati in West Bengal.

I was born on September 1, 1991, making me 33 years old. I completed my high school education at Naihati Mahendra High School in 2009.

Those years in Naihati were crucial for me, laying the groundwork for my future. My journey began in the small town of Naihati, where I had early experiences that shaped who I am today. These formative years played a big role in defining my identity and the path I’m on now.

Educational Background

I started my educational journey at Kuliagorh Satishghosh High School and finished my Class 10 there.

Later, I moved on to Naihati Mahendra High School, where I completed my Higher Secondary Education in 2009.

I then decided to explore the field of Information Technology (IT) by pursuing B.TECH at Kalyani University.

Throughout my academic journey, I gained valuable skills and knowledge that laid the foundation for my professional career. Education has played a crucial role in my life, providing me with the tools to discover various possibilities and make meaningful contributions to the world.

Professional Journey

Career path and experiences

Once I finished my B.TECH, I set my sights on government jobs, particularly exams like SSC and WBCS. The journey began with intense preparation, and I threw myself into the competitive world of exams. I took the WBCS preliminary exams three times, and on one occasion, I even made it to the WBCS Mains.

Amidst the preparations, I found myself deeply involved in various study groups, taking on the role of a moderator. These were vibrant communities on Facebook where students like me shared knowledge and supported each other. I didn’t just stop at being a participant; I actively contributed by posting notes, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and helpful infographics. It was my way of giving back to the study groups that had become a valuable part of my learning journey.

As time went on, I realized the wealth of personal notes I had created could benefit a wider audience. In 2021, I took a leap and started this blog. This platform became my space to share all the insights and notes that had proven useful in those Facebook groups. The blog aimed to be a resource for fellow aspirants, providing them with the tools and information needed to navigate the challenging path of government job exams.

In essence, my journey has been one of continuous learning, collaboration, and a desire to share knowledge. From competitive exam preparations to actively participating in online study groups, and finally, starting a blog, each step has been a part of my effort to contribute to the learning community and help others on a similar path.

Relevant achievements or milestones

As I delved into the intense preparation for the WBCS exams, something unexpected happened – I lost interest in the exam itself. It turned out that my true passion lay in creating notes and infographics for competitive exams. This shift in focus marked a significant milestone in my journey.

Driven by this newfound passion, I poured my energy into crafting beautiful and helpful notes and infographics. To my surprise and delight, people appreciated and admired my work. Encouraged by their positive response, I felt inspired to take the next step and share my creations on a larger platform.

Becoming a moderator and admin for various blogs became another feather in my cap. Two blogs, in particular, held special significance in my journey – “UDAAN” and “WBCS (Exe) & PSC-WB.” These platforms allowed me to connect with a broader audience, share insights, and contribute to the collective learning experience of aspirants. The ‘UDAAN’ group no longer exists. 😣😣

💥 Take a look at this chart I made for the UDAAN Facebook Group. 👇

In addition to these blogs, I ventured into the world of General Science on my personal Facebook page named Pediascience. This page became a hub for discussions and information sharing, specifically focusing on General Science topics. It was a way for me to diversify my contributions and engage with a wider audience interested in the fascinating world of science.

💥 Take a look at the note on Immunodeficiency Disorders, I made for the “Pediascience Facebook Page”. 👇

Srikanta Mondal

Unfortunately, this general science blog also no longer exists. 😣😣

So, my journey took an unexpected turn from exam preparation to becoming a content creator and moderator for significant blogs. The appreciation I received fueled my decision to start a blog of my own, marking a pivotal moment in my pursuit of sharing knowledge and helping others in their competitive exam journey.

The Creative Process

The inspiration behind starting the blog

I started my blog because I love making interesting notes and cool infographics. People around me liked them and suggested I share them on a bigger platform. When I got tired of studying for government exams, I decided to focus on creating updated study notes. While searching online, I noticed a lot of study materials were outdated, so I thought of starting a blog to share current and helpful notes.

Writing style and preferences

I like to keep things simple in my writing. I use bullet points to make it easy to read and include only the important stuff. I also add creative elements like tables, key points, and cool maps and charts to make learning more fun.

Favorite topics and themes

My blog covers topics I enjoy, like what’s happening in the world right now, general science (like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), Geography, and Computer General Knowledge. I organize current affairs notes by categories to help readers stay updated. I want my blog to be a fun and helpful place for anyone interested in learning new things.

Expertise and Passion

Areas of expertise

I’m a versatile content writer and blogger with expertise in a wide range of subjects. I love bringing people’s stories to life through biographies and creating engaging narratives that inspire and captivate readers. I also specialize in making educational content for competitive exams.

Using my research skills, I break down complex concepts to make learning easy and effective. I stay updated on the latest current affairs and produce timely articles that help readers understand the ever-changing world around them. Whether it’s crafting a compelling biography, simplifying educational materials, or covering the latest news, I’m dedicated to delivering high-quality content with precision and creativity.

Passion for the subject matter

I love diving into various topics and sharing my insights in a way that’s easy to grasp. My passion lies in writing about current affairs, breaking them down into simple, digestible pieces. I enjoy creating eye-catching infographics and charts to make information visually engaging.

When it comes to Indian Geography and General Science, I specialize in creating notes that are not only informative but also easy to understand.

Additionally, researching and uncovering the biographies and net worth of notable individuals is another area where I thrive.

I make it a point to stay updated with the latest information, ensuring that my content is always fresh and relevant. This passion fuels my commitment to providing readers with accessible and interesting content across various categories.

Behind the Scenes

Daily routine and habits

In my role as a blogger, my daily routine kicks off at 10 A.M., checking emails and messages to stay connected with my audience. From 10 A.M. to 1 P.M., I dive into research and brainstorming, gathering information for my upcoming blog posts.

Writing sessions follow from 1 P.M. to 6 P.M., where I transform my thoughts into engaging content. After a break to avoid burnout, I resume work from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M., focusing on editing and proofreading before publishing.

My schedule is flexible; if urgent family matters arise, I prioritize them. From 10:30 P.M. to 2 A.M., I may work on additional tasks or handle any pressing issues. This dynamic routine helps me balance creativity, engagement, and family commitments while delivering consistent and valuable content to my readers.

Workspace and tools used for writing

My Small Home Office

Working from home has become a widespread practice, emphasizing the importance of a comfortable and efficient workspace for optimal productivity. My home office setup is compact yet practical, located in a corner of a single room.

I’ve designated a small desk for my laptop, recognizing the necessity of a dedicated space to cultivate a work-friendly environment, even within limited space constraints. To enhance the ambiance, I’ve incorporated a comfortable chair and personalized touches, transforming it into a pleasant and inviting place to spend time.

Tools used for writing

The tools used for writing can vary based on personal preferences and the type of writing being done. Common tools for writers include:

Word Processors

Software like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or specialized writing software such as Scrivener.

Text Editors

Simple text editors like Notepad or more advanced ones like Sublime Text for coding or distraction-free writing.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Platforms like WordPress for bloggers and website content creators.

Cloud Storage

  • Services like Google Drive or Dropbox for storing and accessing documents from multiple devices.

Grammar and Spell Checkers

Tools like Grammarly or the built-in features of word processors to ensure correct grammar and spelling.


  • Devices such as laptops, desktop computers, or tablets, along with any additional peripherals like a comfortable keyboard or ergonomic chair.

Graphic Design Tools

  • Canva: A versatile graphic design platform that writers can use for creating visual content, such as social media graphics, blog post images, or presentations.

AI Writing Assistance

  • ChatGPT or Similar AI Tools: AI-powered writing assistants like ChatGPT for generating content ideas, improving writing, or getting creative suggestions.

SEO Tools

  • Ahrefs: A comprehensive SEO tool that writers can use for keyword research, analyzing competitor content, and generating titles and meta descriptions for improved search engine optimization.

Image Editing

  • An online tool for removing the background of an image, which can be useful for writers who need to create custom visuals for their content.

File Conversion

  • Soumayahelp: An online tool for converting images into webp format, providing writers with options for optimizing image files for web use.

Fun facts or hobbies

I’ve got some interesting hobbies that keep life exciting! First off, there’s my rooftop gardening adventure where I grow all sorts of herbs and veggies – it’s like having a secret garden on top of my house! I’m a nature lover, so it’s the perfect hobby for me.

But that’s not all; I’m also a big fan of non-veg delights, especially biryani and homemade fast foods. The aromatic flavors of biryani and the joy of creating my own fast-food feasts at home make my taste buds dance.

To top it off, I share a bit of laughter with the world by posting funny memes on social media. It’s a quirky mix of green thumbs, foodie cravings, and online humor that adds a dash of excitement to my everyday routine!

Author’s Message to Readers

Thank you so much for being here! Your support means the world to me. I’m grateful to every reader who takes the time to explore my blog.

Let me share why I started this blog – my purpose is to assist government job aspirants who work hard to pursue their dream jobs. I aim to provide regularly updated study material, making this blog a one-stop solution for General Knowledge, General Science, Current Affairs, and all other subjects asked in exams. Your journey is important, and I want to be a helpful part of it. Join me on this adventure, and let’s make learning for your dream job both informative and enjoyable!

Other Platforms or Projects

Discover My Other Blogs and Projects

I am currently working on four blogs. They are:

1️⃣ [Main Blog]
2️⃣ pdf. [Sub-domain]
3️⃣ Bangla. [Sub-domain]
4️⃣ [Main Blog]

You’re already familiar with my main blog site, Now, let me introduce my other blogs, along with their content and the motivation behind creating each one.


This site is a branch of the main site,, specifically created to offer a wide range of PDFs covering various topics, including educational materials, health and medical information, trading, business content, devotional resources, and more.

Our goal is to provide PDFs on almost every possible topic in the future. It’s important to note that all the PDFs are already available on different domains or sites across the internet. What I’ve done is gather and share the links in one place, making it convenient for anyone to find PDFs categorized by topic in a single location.

Visit: pdf.


This is also a branch site hosted on a sub-domain of gkbooks. The primary objective of this site is to offer content similar to the main blog,, but in Bengali. However, due to time limitations, I must admit that I haven’t been able to provide as much content on this site as I would like.

Visit: Bangla.

As the name suggests, Net Worth Town focuses on wealth, money, and assets. The website offers valuable insights into popular figures around the world, with a particular emphasis on those in the United States.

Leveraging my content research skills, this blog provides the latest and updated information about the net worth and biography of renowned individuals in sports, entertainment, politics, and more. Additionally, Net Worth Town features celebrity news, delivering the latest updates about your favorite personalities.



Start an insightful journey designed for competitive exam aspirants! this blog serves as a valuable resource, offering a wealth of information, strategies, and stories to aid you in your exam preparation. Explore a world where curiosity is the key, and each article opens doors to new possibilities for success. Join us as we explore the fields of exam strategies, study tips, and motivational insights. There’s a treasure trove of content waiting for you to uncover, and we invite you to read more articles that promise to engage, inform, and enhance your competitive exam journey. Your path to success awaits – click, explore, and enjoy the limitless wonders this blog has to offer!

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