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Characteristic Features of Grasslands
Updated List of Tiger Reserves in India
8,9- and 10-degree Channel
Basics of GDP
Major Solar Power Plants in India

Limitations of Gkbooks

Keep in mind the limitations of GK books as we just started our journey. Gradually, we employed more resources to meet these limitations.

  • Limited Content: Some subjects in books have very few posts, and not all chapters have been covered yet. This is because we are just starting, and we plan to cover all subjects over time.
  • No Coverage of Math, Reasoning, and English: GKbooks focus on General Studies and do not cover subjects like Math, Reasoning, and English.
  • Key Points Only: Each post we write includes short bullet points covering essential data for exams. However, for a complete understanding, it’s recommended to read textbooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any paid materials available on ‘gkbooks’? Currently, no paid materials are available. I may consider it in the future.
  • Is there any PDF available? Yes, but not on this main blog. All PDFs are accessible on another branch of Gkbooks at pdf.gkbooks.in.
  • Is there an Android or iOS app available for gkbooks? No, but I plan to release an app in the future.
  • Can you provide monthly Current Affairs PDFs? Currently, due to time and resource constraints, I am unable to provide monthly PDFs.
  • What type of material does Gkbooks provide? All study materials are available in text or blog content format.

About the Author

Know all about the author behind this blog.

Author- Srikanta Mandal

Hi! I’m Srikanta Mondal, an educator, tech lover, and digital content creator dedicated to providing updated notes on Current Affairs, GK, and General Studies for cracking competitive exams. I create this awesome content to help you ace those tests. Let’s get learning! [More About Me]

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