International Men’s Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, Theme

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Explore the history, significance, and theme of International Men’s Day 2023. Discover the date of this global celebration dedicated to recognizing positive male contributions, promoting gender equality, and addressing men’s health. Stay informed and celebrate the positive impact men make on society.

In a world where discussions often centre on women’s rights and issues, it’s easy to overlook men’s significant contributions and achievements. However, amidst the focus on feminism, there lies an important day dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the positive impact of men in society – International Men’s Day.

International Men’s Day Celebration

Observed annually on November 19th, International Men’s Day serves as a reminder of the crucial roles men play in various aspects of life, from fostering strong families and communities to making groundbreaking advancements in science, technology, and the arts.

This day is not about diminishing the importance of women’s rights or achievements; it’s about acknowledging and appreciating men’s unique perspectives and contributions to shaping a better world.

International Men’s Day, observed on November 19 every year, is a special occasion dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the contributions and achievements of men in various sectors of society. In a world where discussions often focus on feminism, this day serves as a reminder to appreciate the struggles and efforts of men.

International Men’s Day 2023

A Tribute to Men’s Contributions

Men, often called the ‘Breadwinners of the home,‘ play a significant role in supporting their families. International Men’s Day provides an opportunity to recognize the beauty and simplicity of men, who bring joy and happiness to the lives of others while sometimes neglecting their own needs.

History of International Men’s Day

The roots of International Men’s Day trace back to 1999. Thomas Oaster, the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies director, initiated small gatherings in the early 1990s.

Jerome Teelucksingh later identified the absence of a day dedicated to honouring single men, young boys, and teenagers. This realization led to the establishment of International Men’s Day in 1999, becoming a widely celebrated event globally.

Significance of International Men’s Day 2023

In a world grappling with debates between patriarchy and feminism, men often find it challenging to express themselves. Despite living in a patriarchal society, men face difficulties in being open about their feelings. International Men’s Day holds significance in recognizing and appreciating men, giving them the acknowledgement they deserve for their contributions.

The theme of International Men’s Day 2023

  • International Men’s Day 2023 theme is “Zero Male Suicide.”
  • This theme highlights the importance of mental health for men and boys.
  • November is a significant month for the masculine community.
  • This month aims to create a safe space for men to address mental health issues.
  • It also encourages open conversations about mental health.

Significance of the Theme

  • Male suicide is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.
  • The “Zero Male Suicide” theme raises awareness of this issue.
  • It also encourages men to seek help if they are struggling with their mental health.
  • This can help to save lives.

Additional Points

  • Men are less likely than women to seek help for mental health problems.
  • This is due to several factors, including stigma and cultural expectations.
  • International Men’s Day can help to break down these barriers and encourage men to seek help.

Objectives of International Men’s Day

Promoting Positive Male Role Models

  • Encourage recognition of everyday, working-class men as positive role models, extending beyond celebrities to those leading honest lives.

Celebrating Positive Contributions

  • Recognize and celebrate men’s positive contributions to society, communities, families, marriages, child care, and the environment.

Focusing on Men’s Health and Wellbeing

  • Address various aspects of men’s health and well-being, including social, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions.

Highlighting Discrimination

  • Shed light on discrimination against men, whether in social services, societal attitudes and expectations, or legal frameworks.

Improving Gender Relations

  • Strive to enhance gender relations and advocate for gender equality, fostering positive interactions between men and women.

Creating a Safer, Better World

  • Work towards creating a safer and better world, emphasizing the importance of safety and providing opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential.

How to Celebrate International Men’s Day

Here are some ways to celebrate International Men’s Day (IMD) in India:

Educate yourself about men’s health issues.

  • Learn about the signs and symptoms of common mental health problems in men, such as depression, anxiety, and stress.
  • Understand the risk factors for male suicide, such as a history of mental health problems, substance abuse, and social isolation.
  • Find out what resources are available to men who are struggling with their mental health, such as hotlines, support groups, and mental health professionals.

Share your knowledge with others.

  • Talk to your friends and family about men’s health issues.
  • Share information about IMD on social media.
  • Organize a community event or fundraiser to raise awareness of men’s health.

Support organizations that are working to improve men’s health.

  • Donate to a charity that is working to prevent male suicide or promote men’s mental health.
  • Volunteer your time to a local organization that is providing support to men.
  • Spread the word about the work that these organizations are doing.

Take care of your mental health.

  • Ensure you get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly.
  • Practice stress-management techniques like yoga, meditation, or time in nature.
  • Talk to someone you trust if you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or hopeless.

By taking these steps, you can help raise awareness of men’s health issues and make a difference in the lives of men and boys in India.

International Men’s Day Quotes

Here are examples of some of the best International Men’s Day Quotes based on men’s strength, resilience, and contributions of men worldwide.

  • “International Men’s Day is a celebration of men who embody kindness, courage, and positive masculinity. Here’s to you!”
  • “Cheers to the men who lead with compassion, stand for equality and inspire positive change. Happy International Men’s Day!”
  • “On International Men’s Day, let’s celebrate the strength, resilience, and contributions of men around the world.”
  • “May this International Men’s Day remind us of the importance of acknowledging and appreciating men’s diverse roles in our lives.”
  • “Wishing a fantastic International Men’s Day to the men who positively impact society, family, and beyond.”
  • “To the fathers, brothers, sons, and friends – your presence is a gift to the world. Happy International Men’s Day!”
  • “Celebrating the men who lead with integrity, empathy, and commitment to making the world better. Happy International Men’s Day!”
  • “On International Men’s Day, let’s honour the men who inspire us, support us, and contribute to the richness of our lives.”
  • “To the men who uplift others, break stereotypes, and make a difference – your impact is immeasurable. Happy International Men’s Day!”
  • “Shoutout to the men striving for progress, challenging norms, and contributing to a better world. Happy International Men’s Day!”

Best International Men’s Day Quotes based on Men’s Mental Health.

  • “It’s okay not to be okay. Let’s break the silence on men’s mental health.”
  • “Strength is also vulnerability. Speak up, reach out, prioritize your mental health.”
  • “Real strength is seeking help when needed. #MentalHealthMatters”
  • “Mental health matters. You are not alone in your struggles.”
  • “Silence can be heavy. Break it. Talk about your mental health.”
  • “Bravery is also admitting when you need support. #MensHealth”
  • “Your well-being is important. Take a moment to check your mental health today.”
  • “Self-care is a sign of strength. Take care of your mental health.”
  • “Be kind to your mind. Prioritize mental well-being.”
  • “Strong minds, strong lives. Let’s end the stigma. #MensMentalHealth”

These quotes celebrate the positive qualities of men and boys and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. They also remind us of the importance of men’s health and mental well-being.

Happy International Men’s Day Wishes

Happy International Men’s Day wishes to your Boyfriend

  • “Real men are not born but they are made and this reflects in your upbringing. You are someone who inspires many people around you to be good to all. Warm wishes on Men’s Day to you my love.”
  • “There are not many good men in this world and finding one good man for myself is certainly a beautiful blessing from Almighty. Happy Men’s Day to my boyfriend who is truly special.”
  • “With lots of love, I wish my boyfriend a Happy Men’s Day. I know you are a son every parent would want to be blessed with and I know you will make a husband every wife would want.”
  • “On Men’s Day, I want to tell you that you are the kind of a man who is rare because you love unconditionally and understand me beyond circumstances. Love you lots!!”
  • “Before anything else, there is one thing I like about you and that is that you are a person who always understands and cares and that is what makes you so special. Wishing you a very Happy International Men’s Day.”
  • “Warm wishes on International Men’s Day to my boyfriend who has always surprised me with his sweet gestures, caring and understanding nature and ability to trust me.”
  • “Wishing a very Happy International Men’s Day to my boyfriend. Your presence in my life is like a blessing to me because you are a man who supports a woman through thick and thin.”
  • “Happy Men’s Day. Real men are those who give their love all the freedom, trust their beloved, and support their girlfriends and you are indeed the most amazing real man I know.”
  • “Wishing a fantastic International Men’s Day to the men who positively impact society, family, and beyond.”

International Men’s Day wishes for Husband.

  • “Marrying you has been the wisest decision of my life. On International Men’s Day, thank you for being a man a woman would always want for herself and her kids.”
  • “I may not say that often but on International Men’s Day, I want to tell you that when you are around, I don’t have to think about anything because you are my dependable man.”
  • “We are a happy family because we have a man who takes good care of us, believes in us gives us independence, and brings us joy and harmony. Happy Men’s Day to my husband.”
  • “If God would make all men like you, then this world would become such a beautiful place for most people to live in. Warm wishes on Men’s Day to you my love.”
  • “Happy Men’s Day. Real men are those who give their love all the freedom, trust their beloved, and support their girlfriends and you are indeed the most amazing real man I know.”
  • “Wishing a fantastic International Men’s Day to the men who positively impact society, family, and beyond.”
  • “I am so blessed to be married to a man who is a wonderful son, a loving husband, a caring father and an inspiring human. You truly make all of us proud. Happy Men’s Day to you.”
  • “Each day you work so hard to give us a good life, each day you sacrifice your comforts to give us a comfortable life. You are truly a man who inspires all. Happy Men’s Day to you.”
  • “Wishing a very Happy International Men’s Day to my dearest husband. You have always been a supportive husband and father and a caring son. We all love you to the moon and back.”


As International Men’s Day approaches, let us take a moment to appreciate the men around us and recognize their often understated contributions. The theme of “Zero Male Suicide” reminds us of the importance of prioritizing men’s mental health, and creating a supportive environment for them to thrive emotionally and mentally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is International Men’s Day celebrated?

International Men’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr Jerome Teelucksingh’s father. Dr Teelucksingh, a professor of history, initiated the day in 1999 to encourage discussions about issues concerning men and boys.

Q2. What is the theme for Men’s Day 2023?

The theme for International Men’s Day 2023 is “ZERO MALE SUICIDE.”

Q3. Who declared International Men’s Day?

International Men’s Day was inaugurated on February 7, 1992, by Thomas Oaster. The project was conceptualized on February 8, 1991, and re-initiated in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago by Dr Jerome Teelucksingh.

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