Difference Between Small Intestine and Large Intestine: 8 Key Difference

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The elongated muscular tube extending from the lower part of the stomach to the anus is commonly referred to as the intestine, also known as the bowel. This integral part of the digestive system is segmented into two sections: the small intestine and the large intestine. Despite their interconnected nature, these two portions exhibit distinctions in various aspects. This article explores the contrasts between the small intestine and the large intestine.

Small Intestine vs. Large Intestine

The following table showcases the Difference between the large intestine and the small intestine.

CharacteristicSmall IntestineLarge Intestine
LocationBetween the stomach and large intestineTerminal part of the intestine
LengthLonger than the large intestineShorter than the small intestine
WidthNarrower than the large intestineWider than the small intestine
ComponentsDuodenum, Jejunum, IleumColon, Cecum, Rectum, Anal Canal
MovementsExhibits small movements in the abdominal cavityExhibits comparatively less mobility
Primary FunctionAbsorption of nutrients from digested foodAbsorption of electrolytes and water, vitamin production (K and biotin)
Muscle ArrangementLongitudinal muscles arranged in circular layersLongitudinal muscles arranged in three bands (Teniae Colie)
Surface FeaturesInner walls have finger-like projections (villi)Lacks finger-like projections (villi)
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Looking at the differences mentioned earlier, it’s clear that both the small and large intestines are crucial for digestion. The small intestine helps break down food and take in important nutrients. Meanwhile, the large intestine absorbs water and creates vitamins.

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