Top 10 Richest Women in the World in 2024: Wealth Sources, and Impact

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Every year, Forbes releases a comprehensive list of the richest Women globally, highlighting the financial achievements and power dynamics within the elite circles. In its 37th annual ranking of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Forbes identified 337 women who boast assets exceeding $1 billion.

The number of female billionaires has seen a substantial rise from 328 in 2020. Their combined wealth has surged by nearly 60% from the previous year, reaching an impressive $1.53 trillion. This growth reflects the increasing influence and financial clout of women across various sectors.

In this article, we present the “Top 10 Richest Women in the World in 2024,” delving into their backgrounds, sources of wealth, and the significant impacts they have made in their respective industries and beyond. From tech moguls to fashion empresses, these women have not only amassed considerable fortunes but have also left indelible marks on global business landscapes. Discover the inspiring stories and remarkable achievements that have propelled these women to the pinnacle of financial success.

Top 10 Richest Women in the World in a Nutshell

Here’s a table on the “Top 10 Richest Women in the World” as of 2024:

RankNameNet Worth (USD)AgeSource of WealthCitizenship
1Françoise Bettencourt Meyers$99.5 billion70L’OréalFrance
2Alice Walton$72.3 billion74WalmartUnited States
3Julia Koch & family$64.3 billion61Koch IndustriesUnited States
4Jacqueline Mars$38.5 billion84Candy, pet foodUnited States
5MacKenzie Scott$35.6 billion53AmazonUnited States
6Savitri Jindal & family$33.5 billion74SteelIndia
7Rafaela Aponte-Diamant$33.1 billion79ShippingSwitzerland/Italy
8Miriam Adelson & family$32 billion78CasinosUnited States
9Gina Rinehart$30.8 billion70MiningAustralia
10Abigail Johnson$29 billion62Fidelity InvestmentsUnited States

1. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers and family

  • Net worth: $99.5 billion
  • Age: 70
  • Source of wealth: L’Oréal
  • Country: France

At 70 years old, Frenchwoman Françoise Bettencourt Meyers holds the coveted title of the wealthiest woman globally. Her staggering net worth of $99.5 billion places her at the pinnacle of female wealth. But how did she amass such immense riches?

François bettencourt Meyers

The answer lies in her lineage. Bettencourt Meyers inherited her fortune from her mother, Lillian Bettencourt, who passed away in 2017. Lillian was the daughter of Eugene Schuler, the visionary founder of cosmetics powerhouse L’Oréal. This family legacy propelled Françoise into the upper echelons of wealth, making her the heiress to the L’Oréal empire.

For three consecutive years, Bettencourt Meyers has reigned as the richest woman globally. Her ascent to billionaire status occurred in 2018, following her mother’s demise. Liliane Bettencourt, once the world’s wealthiest woman, paved the way for her granddaughter’s remarkable journey.

Today, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers continues to shape the beauty industry, carrying forward her family’s legacy with grace and determination. As the guardian of L’Oréal’s immense wealth, she remains an influential figure in both business and philanthropy.

2. Alice Walton

  • Net worth: $72.3 billion
  • Age: 74
  • Source of wealth: Walmart
  • Country: USA

Alice Louise Walton, an American businesswoman, philanthropist, and art collector, stands as a prominent figure in the global wealth landscape. As the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton, she inherited a substantial fortune. Her net worth surged by approximately $3.5 billion in the past year, primarily driven by the rise in Walmart shares. As of May 2024, Forbes estimates her net worth at an impressive $72.3 billion, securing her position as the second-richest woman worldwide.

Alice Walton
Alice Walton

Beyond her financial success, Alice is a passionate art enthusiast. She has made significant contributions to the art world, acquiring museum-quality pieces and supporting cultural institutions. Her philanthropic endeavors extend to various causes, making her a respected figure in both business and charitable circles.

In 2020, Alice briefly held the title of the world’s richest woman, only to be surpassed by Françoise Bettencourt Meyers. At 74 years old, she continues to wield immense influence and has $72.3 billion at her disposal. Her legacy extends beyond wealth—she is a driving force in shaping the intersection of business, art, and philanthropy.

3. Julia Koch and family

  • Net worth: $64.3 billion
  • Age: 61
  • Source of wealth: Koch Industries
  • Country: USA

Julia Margaret Flesher Koch, an American socialite and philanthropist, ranks among the world’s wealthiest women. In the annual Forbes ranking for April 2023, she secured the second spot with a staggering fortune of $64.3 billion. Her wealth stems from inheriting a substantial stake in Koch Industries after her husband, David Koch, passed away in 2019.

Julia Koch
Julia Koch

Born on April 12, 1962, in Des Moines, Iowa, Julia’s journey began in a farming family. Her parents, Margaret and Frederic Flesher, owned a furniture store called Flesher’s. Later, they moved to Conway, Arkansas, where they started a clothing store named Peggy Frederic’s. Julia’s path led her to New York City, where she worked as a fashion designer’s assistant and rubbed shoulders with influential figures like Nancy Reagan.

Julia met David Koch on a blind date in January 1991, and their relationship blossomed. They married in May 1996 at David’s Southampton home. Julia’s influence extended beyond their personal life; she co-chaired the Met Gala and left a mark on New York society. The couple resided in luxurious properties, including an 18-room duplex on Park Avenue and an eight-bedroom Manhattan townhouse.

Tragically, David Koch passed away in August 2019, leaving Julia and their three children with a 42% stake in Koch Industries. As a result, she became the richest woman globally, according to Bloomberg. Her philanthropic endeavors through the Julia Koch Family Foundation further solidify her legacy.

4. Jacqueline Mars

  • Net worth: $38.5 billion
  • Age: 84
  • Source of wealth: Sweets, pet food
  • Country: USA
Jacqueline Mars
Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars, an American heiress and investor, stands at the intersection of wealth, business, and philanthropy. As the daughter of Audrey Ruth (Meyer) and Forrest Mars, Sr., she hails from the Mars family—the visionaries behind Mars, Incorporated, the global candy and pet food conglomerate. Her grandfather, Frank C. Mars, founded the company in 1911, laying the groundwork for its iconic brands like M&M, IAMS, and Pedigree.

Key Points:

  • Jacqueline Mars owns approximately one-third of Mars Inc.
  • Mars Inc. is a powerhouse in the confectionery and pet care industry.
  • Her net worth is estimated at $38.5 billion.
  • She has dedicated her life to philanthropy and preserving her family’s legacy.

Jacqueline Mars’s impact extends beyond her immense wealth. She has actively supported the Mars Foundation, a philanthropic nonprofit associated with the company. Her commitment to equestrian sports and organic farming further reflects her multifaceted interests. Despite her fortune, she remains private and unassuming, embodying the Mars family ethos.

5. Mackenzie Scott

  • Net worth: $35.6 billion
  • Age: 53
  • Source of wealth: Amazon
  • Country: USA

Mackenzie Scott, an accomplished American novelist and dedicated philanthropist, has made waves in both literary circles and charitable endeavors. Her journey intertwines with the rise of Amazon, the e-commerce giant founded by her former husband, Jeff Bezos.

Key Points:

  • Amazon Connection: As of May 2024, Mackenzie Scott’s net worth stands at an impressive $35.6 billion. She holds a 4% stake in Amazon, a company that Bezos established and revolutionized global commerce.
  • Philanthropic Commitment: Scott’s wealth isn’t merely a statistic; it’s a force for good. Committed to giving back, she signed the Giving Pledge, vowing to donate at least half of her fortune to charitable causes.
  • Unprecedented Generosity: In 2020 alone, Scott distributed a staggering $5.8 billion to working charities—an extraordinary act of philanthropy by a private individual. She continued her benevolence in 2021, contributing an additional $2.7 billion.
  • Total Impact: To date, Scott has given over $14 billion to more than 1600 charitable organizations, touching lives across the globe.

At 53 years old, Mackenzie Scott exemplifies the power of purpose-driven wealth, leaving an enduring legacy that transcends dollars and cents.

6. Savitri Jindal & family

  • Net worth: $33.5 billion
  • Age: 74
  • Source of wealth: Steel
  • Country: India

 Savitri Jindal, the chairperson emerita of the O.P. Jindal Group, holds a prominent position in India’s business landscape. Widowed after the passing of her husband, Om Prakash Jindal (founder of the Jindal Group), she has successfully steered the conglomerate across diverse sectors, including steel, power, cement, and infrastructure. Following O.P. Jindal’s tragic demise in a helicopter crash, the group’s companies underwent restructuring, with each of his four sons now independently managing different divisions.

As of February 2024, the Jindal family’s net worth stands at an impressive $33.5 billion. Savitri Jindal’s leadership has been instrumental in the group’s growth, and her astute management has contributed to the quadrupling of the company’s revenue. Jindal Steel, a key division within the conglomerate, ranks as India’s third-largest steel producer.

7. Rafaela Aponte-Diamant

  • Net worth: $31.2 billion
  • Age: 78
  • Source of wealth: Shipping
  • Country: Italy

Rafaela Aponte-Diamant, an Italian businesswoman, has left an indelible mark on the maritime industry. As a co-founder of the cruise company MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company), she played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success. MSC, known for its global fleet of container ships and cruise liners, has become a household name in international shipping.

Rafaela Aponte-Diamant
Rafaela Aponte-Diamant

However, Rafaela’s journey isn’t without its legal complexities. She finds herself entangled in a protracted court battle against her adult children over a family trust—a saga that has persisted for years. The outcome remains uncertain, with the next court date postponed until 2024. Despite the legal challenges, Rafaela’s determination and resilience shine through.

Beyond the courtroom drama, Rafaela Aponte-Diamant’s net worth stands at an impressive $31.2 billion. Her wealth reflects not only her business acumen but also her unwavering commitment to MSC’s growth and global impact. At 78 years old, she continues to steer the course of maritime excellence, leaving a legacy that transcends legal battles and financial figures.

8. Miriam Adelson and family

  • Net worth: $35 billion
  • Age: 77
  • Source of wealth: Casinos
  • Country: USA

Miriam Adelson, a multifaceted American figure, defies easy categorization. Trained in medicine, she possesses both scientific acumen and business acuity. Her remarkable fortune stems from the inheritance she received following the passing of her husband, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, in 2021.

Miriam Adelson
Miriam Adelson

As the widow of a visionary entrepreneur, Miriam now holds a significant stake in Las Vegas Sands, the global resort and casino giant. Her late husband’s nearly 50% ownership in the company places her at the helm of its fortunes. In a strategic move, Las Vegas Sands recently divested its core assets in Las Vegas—namely, the Venetian Resort and the Sands Expo and Convention Center—for a staggering $6.25 billion. This bold step reflects the company’s pivot toward the lucrative Asian market.

Beyond her financial prowess, Miriam Adelson is a philanthropist with a passion for medical research and Jewish causes. She and Sheldon established the Adelson Medical Research Foundation, which focuses on advancing scientific breakthroughs in areas like addiction, neurology, and oncology. Their commitment to improving lives extends far beyond boardrooms and balance sheets.

At 77 years old, Miriam ranks fifth among the world’s wealthiest women. Her fortune, estimated at $35 billion, underscores her influence and impact on both business and humanitarian endeavors. Whether in the halls of medicine or the corridors of corporate power, Miriam Adelson leaves an indelible mark on the world.

9. Gina Rinhart

  • Net worth: $27 billion
  • Age: 69
  • Source of wealth: Mining
  • Country: Australia

Gina Rinehart, born Georgina Hope Hancock, epitomizes the fusion of business acumen and family legacy. As the Executive Chairwoman of Hancock Prospecting—a company founded by her father, Lang Hancock—she commands the mining industry with unwavering determination.

Key Points:

  • Gina inherited her father’s vision and transformed Hancock Prospecting into Australia’s largest private company and a global mining powerhouse.
  • Her journey began in the rugged landscapes of Western Australia, where she learned the intricacies of mineral exploration.
  • Despite a challenging financial start, Gina’s strategic leadership propelled her net worth to astronomical heights.
  • Beyond mining, she diversified her investments into media and agriculture, leaving an indelible mark on Australia’s economic landscape.

At 69 years old, Gina Rinehart’s net worth exceeds $27 billion, making her one of the world’s wealthiest women. Her legacy extends beyond numbers—she embodies resilience, innovation, and the spirit of enterprise.

10. Abigail Johnson

  • Net worth: $29 billion
  • Age: 62
  • Source of wealth: Fidelity Investments
  • Country: USA

Abigail Johnson, the CEO of mutual fund giant Fidelity Investments, has made a significant impact in the financial industry. She rebounded from 11th place to rejoin the top 10 richest women this year. Johnson assumed the role of CEO in 2014, succeeding her father, Edward “Ned” Johnson III (who passed away in 2022). Her impressive 28.5% stake in the firm contributes to its massive $4.9 trillion in managed assets. Notably, Fidelity was founded by her grandfather back in 1946.


The world’s wealthiest women are more than just figures on a balance sheet; they are trailblazers, visionaries, and philanthropists. As we delve into their backgrounds and wealth sources, we uncover stories of resilience, innovation, and impact.

These women transcend net worth. Whether it’s Susanne Klatten’s BMW legacy or Miriam Adelson’s impact on medical research, their influence extends beyond dollars.

As we celebrate their achievements, let’s recognize that wealth isn’t merely about numbers—it’s about the lives touched, the causes supported, and the legacies forged. These women inspire us to dream bigger, give generously, and create lasting change.

Source: Forbes

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