What is the blue revolution in India?

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What is the blue revolution in India?


The Blue Revolution, also known as “Neel Kranti” in India, refers to a government-driven initiative launched in 1985-1990 to boost the country’s fish and seafood production. Think of it as a wave of advancements aimed at making India a major player in the aquaculture industry.

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Key Points:

Blue Revolution (Neel or Nili Kranti Mission)

  • Initiative for aquaculture industry growth.
  • Originating in China, India is a fast-growing contributor.
  • Neel Kranti Mission (1985-1990) kickstarted in India.

Objectives of Neel Kranti Mission

  • Tap India’s fish potential, triple production by 2020.
  • Modernize fisheries with technology.
  • Double fishers’ income, and improve infrastructure.
  • Active participation of fishers and farmers.
  • Triple export earnings by 2020.
  • Develop nutritional and food security.

Features of the Blue Revolution Scheme

  • Links with Sagarmala Project, MNREGA, NRLM, RKVY.
  • Focus on inland and marine aquaculture productivity.
  • Promotes participation of economically backward sections.
  • Encourages entrepreneurship, private investment, and PPP.

Outcomes of the Blue Revolution in India

  • Indian Fisheries Sector production: 4.7 million tonnes.
  • Annual growth: 14.8%, global average: 7.5%.
  • India’s largest agricultural export, 6%-10% growth rate.
  • Second-largest global fish producer, exports worth 47,000+ crore rupees.
  • Fisheries and aquaculture contribute 1% and 5% to India’s GDP and Agricultural GDP respectively.

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