Extreme points of India with Previous Year’s Questions

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Here is a simple and easy note on the extreme points of India. The southernmost point of India is often asked in various competitive exams. It is one of the most important parts of Indian geography.

Extreme Points of India list

The northernmost point of India

• Indira Col is the northernmost point of India.
“Indira Col” is a mountain pass at an altitude of 5764 meters in the Siachen Muztagh in the Karakoram range.

• The Siachen Muztagh has two Cols in the region; One is east and the other is west.
Eastern Col was named the Indira Col in 1912 by Bull Workman after Goddess Lakshmi.

• Another col which is 2.4 km from Indira Kol is also known as the Indira Col West. It is located on the Indira Ridge at an altitude of 5,988 meters.

The southernmost point of India

• Indira Point is the southernmost point of India, located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
• The exact location of the Indira Point is Great Nicobar at 6°8′N latitude.
• Indira Point is also known as Pygmalion Point or Parsons Point.
• It was named after former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1985.

• The southernmost point of mainland India is the Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari.
Vivekananda Rock Memorial located in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu is one of the tourist attractions.

The westernmost point of India

Guhar Moti, located near Narayana Sarovar in the Kutch district of Gujarat, is the westernmost point of India.
• It is located near Narayana Sarovar Village and Koteshwar Temple.

The easternmost point of India

• Kibithu in the Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh is the easternmost point of India.

• It is located 40 km west of Difu Pass near the tri-junction of India, China, and Myanmar borders.

List of Extreme Points of India, Table

Sl. No.Extreme PointExtreme Point nameState/UT
1Northernmost point of IndiaIndira KolLadakh
2Southernmost point of IndiaIndira Point or Pygmalion PointAndaman and Nicobar Islands
3Southernmost point of Mainland IndiaKanyakumariTamil Nadu
4Easternmost point of IndiaKibithuArunachal Pradesh
5Westernmost point of IndiaGuhar MotiGujarat
Extreme points of India
Extreme points of India

    Previous year’s questions on this topic

    Question 1. The Southern tip of India is:
    [SSC CGL Prelims 2008]
    [SSC CGL Prelims 1999]
    [SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry Operator & LDC Exam. 2012]

    Answer: Indira Point in the Nicobar Islands

    Question 2: Indira Point is the southernmost tip of [SSC Multi-Tasking Staff 2013]
    Answer: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

    Question 3: If in the east it is Guhar Moti, in the north it is Siachen Glacier, then in the south, it is: [SSC CAPFs (CPO) SI & ASI, Delhi Police SI Exam. 2016]
    Answer: Indira point

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q1. What is the extreme eastern point of India?

    Answer: Kibithu
    • Kibithu the Easternmost Point Of India located in Arunachal Pradesh.

    Q2. What is the extreme northern point of India?
    Answer: Indira Col

    Answer: Indira Col
    • Indira Col – The the Northernmost Point Of India located in Ladakh.

    Q3. What is the extreme south point of India?

    Answer: Indira Point
    • Indira Point is the southernmost point of India, located in Nicobar island.

    Q4. Which is the extreme west point of India?

    Answer: Guhar Moti (Gujarat)

    Q5. Which is the extreme south point of mainland India?

    Answer: Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu)

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