MS-DOS is Which Type of Operating System? Complete Explanations

MS-DOS is Which Type of Operating System? Full Details

The question “MS-DOS is Which Type of Operating System?” is commonly asked in various competitive examinations in Computer Awareness. This article will provide a detailed discussion of MS-DOS, including its type, commands, and other important information. The Question asked in the RRB Office Assistance 2018 mains paper was held on 7 October 2018. MS-DOS is … Read more

Computer Languages: Types, Generations, Facts, Major Terms & Examples

Computer Languages: Types, Generations, Facts, Major Terms & Examples

The term computer language is sometimes used interchangeably with computer programming languages. Like humans, a computer also needs a language to communicate with the user or the developer. These special-purpose languages are known as programming languages or Computer languages. ▪ There are different types of programming languages to perform specific tasks, those languages are divided … Read more

Top 10 Search Engines You Should Know About in 2024: Must-Known Facts

Top 10 Search Engines

Struggling to find the perfect answer? In 2024, the search engine landscape is broader than ever! While Google remains a giant, a universe of powerful alternatives exist, each with unique strengths and features. This guide dives deep into the Top 10 Search Engines You Should Know About. We’ll explore their functionalities, user bases, and what … Read more

Input and Output Devices of Computer with examples

Input and Output Devices of Computer with examples

Input and output devices are integral components of a computer system, working together with the CPU to ensure seamless operation. The CPU serves as a crucial intermediary between these devices, facilitating the transfer of data between them. This article will provide comprehensive notes on various input and output devices of computers commonly used in computer … Read more

Types of Computers: Application, MCQs, Examples & Images

Types of Computers, Application, MCQs, Examples & Images

Have you ever wondered how many different types of computers there are? From personal computers to laptops to tablets, there is a computer out there for everyone. In today’s technology-driven era, computers have become essential tools, seamlessly integrating into every aspect of our lives. From powering businesses to shaping our entertainment, these versatile machines have … Read more

Storage Devices of Computer, Definitions, Types, and Examples

Storage Devices of Computer

In this article, we provide all the important information about “Storage Devices of Computer” based on the previous year’s questions asked in various competitive exams. Computer awareness is an important subject for various competitive exams. Recently, SSC released its new exam pattern, which includes a computer knowledge test with 60 marks. Also, for candidates preparing … Read more

CD-ROM Full form in Computer: Complete Details

the text "CD ROM full form in Computer" written on a green background with a CD png

Here is a brief note on CD-ROM. Learn all about CD-ROM, including its full form, usage, advantages, disadvantages, and storage capacity. CDs, or Compact Discs, are optically readable media. They replaced the phonograph disc. CDs are primarily made of plastic, shaped into a circular form. One side of this plastic circle is coated with a … Read more

UPS full form in English

UPS Full Form in English

The word UPS has more than 56 full forms, but we don’t need to know all that UPS full forms. Here, we have included only the important ones. Check out this article’s detailed “UPS full form” notes. The most common UPS full-form UPS has over 56 full forms, but two are the most common. CPU … Read more

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