Top 10 Search Engines in 2023 with additional info

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Search engines are an important tool for accessing information quickly and efficiently, without the need to sift through numerous irrelevant web pages. While Google is a popular search engine, there are other options available on the market, such as Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. It is important to consider these alternative search engines when conducting research or searching for information online.

In this article, we have listed the top 10 search engines in the world, based on various parameters.

What is a Search Engine?

• A search engine is a software program that is created to conduct web searches. It searches the World Wide Web (WWW) in a systematic way for particular information that has been specified in a text-based web search query.

• The search results are then presented in a single line, known as search engine results pages (SERPs). These SERPs contain information that is relevant to the search query and can help users find the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines In The World

• Below is a list of the top 10 search engines in 2023 based on their global market share:

  • Google
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • Baidu
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Ecosia
  • Internet Archive

Top 10 Search Engines in Terms of Share of Visits

• Here are the top 10 search engines in the United States in terms of share of visits.

RankingSearch EngineShare of visits (%) in US

Top 10 Search Engines in Terms of Market Share

• Google currently dominates the global search engine market, holding a massive 92.57 percent of the total market share. The popularity of the Google Search engine is so vast that it surpasses any other search engine in the world by a considerable margin.

RankingSearch EngineMarket Share

Top 10 Search Engines in Terms of Popularity

• For many people, searching the internet can be an intimidating task, especially when relying solely on Google. However, it is important to note that there are several other search engines available on the internet that serve millions of daily search queries. While Google and Bing are the most popular search engines, there are other search engines that may not be as well-known but are still highly useful for conducting searches.

RankingSearch EnginePopularity %
2Bingbetween 2.83% and 12.31%
4Baidubetween 0.68% and 11.26%
5Yandexbetween 0.5% and 1.16%
8 Ecosia0.10%
10Internet Archive….

What are the two famous search engines in India?

Google and Bing are the two most popular search engines in India. Google has a 98.71% market share in India, while Bing search engine has a 0.96% market share.

Top 5 search engines in India

Here are the top 5 search engines in terms of Market Share in India, as of April 2022.

RankingSearch EngineMarket Share %

Top 6 Search engines in USA

RankingSearch EngineMarket Share %

Key Points about the popular search engines

Google search engine

Google was introduced to the world in 1997.
• Currently, it is the most popular search engine in the world.

• More than 3.5 billion searches are made every day using Google.

• Google is so popular that its technology empowers other search engines like

• The popular search engine “Google” derives its name from the word “Googol”. The word “Googol” here means a number followed by one hundred zeros.

• The term (google) was coined by then-nine-year-old Milton Sirotta, nephew of the American mathematician Edward Kasner.

• Kasner had asked his nephew (Milton Sirotta) to invent a name for a very large number, such as ten to the power of one hundred (the numeral one followed by 100 zeros), and Milton called it a googol.

Google Search Engine Logo
Google Search Engine Logo

What makes Google the most popular and trusted search engine?

• Currently Google has become the most popular and trusted search engine due to the quality of its search results.

• Google is using sophisticated algorithms to present the most accurate results to users and day by day they are developing new algorithms to make it more accurate.

• Google is generally faster than other search engines in returning results. It is able to provide millions of results in less than 1 second.

• Over the years the Google ranking algorithm has been enriched with hundreds of other factors to help us find exactly what we are looking for on the Internet.

Bing Search Engine

Bing search engine developed by Microsoft.
• It was launched in 2009.
• Bing is the default search engine in the Microsoft web browser.

Bing Search engine Logo
Bing Search Engine Logo


Baidu is the most used (76.05% market share in China) search engine in China.

• It was founded in January 2000 by Chinese Entrepreneur, Eric Xu.

• Baidu offers other community services such as Baidu Baike (an online encyclopedia), Baidu Wangpan (a cloud storage service), and Baidu Tieba (a keyword-based discussion forum).

top 10 search engines
Baidu Search Engine logo


• Jerry Yang and David Filo established Yahoo in January 1994.

• It provides other services such as My Yahoo!, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, and its advertising platform, Yahoo! Native.

yahoo logo
Yahoo! logo


Yandex search engine Launched in 1997.
• It is the most used search engine in Russia.

• Yandex is also widely used in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey.

• It provides other services like Yandex Maps, Yandex Music, online translator, and Yandex Money.

Yandex Logo
Yandex logo

Country-wise search engine list

• Here is the search engine and country of origin list.

Sl. NoSearch EngineCountryOwnership
1GoogleCalifornia, USAGoogle
2BingNew Mexico, USAMicrosoft Bing
3Yahoo!USAMicrosoft Bing
6DuckDuckGoCalifornia, USAMicrosoft Bing
7EcosiaBerlin, GermanyMicrosoft Bing
9NaverSouth KoreaNaver Corporation

Search Engine Popularity by Country

CountrySearch EnginePopularity %
United StatesGoogle87.28%
United KingdomGoogle89.67%
South KoreaGoogle84.41%

Top questions from this topic for competitive exams

Q1. The popular search engine “Google” derives its name from the
word “Googol”. What does the word mean? [ SSC CHSL (10+2) DEO & LDC 2014]

A. To search
B. To index
C. To crawl
D. The numeral one followed by a hundred zeros

Answer: The numeral one followed by a hundred zeros

Q2. Baidu is a popular search engine in which country?
A. Russia
C. China
D. Australia

Answer: China

Q3. “Google” is a _
A. System Software
B. Search Engine
C. Operating System
D. None of these

Answer: Search Engine

Q4. Which of the following is a search engine?
A. Mac-OS
C. Windows
D. Yahoo

Answer: Yahoo

Q5. Who developed Bing, the second most popular search engine after Google?
A. Apple
B. Microsoft
C. Google
D. Eric Xu

Answer: Microsoft

Q6. Which of the following is not a search engine?
A. Windows 7
B. PowerPoint
C. Askme
D. Yandex

Answer: Yandex

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is the most popular search engine in China?

Answer: Baidu
• Baidu holds a 76.05% market share in China’s search engine market.

Q2. What is the second most popular search engine?

Answer: Microsoft Bing
• The second most popular search engine worldwide is Microsoft Bing.

Q3. What are other search engines besides Google?

Answer: Although Google is the most popular search engine, there are several other search engines besides Google such as Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and Baidu.

Q4. What’s the most popular search engine?

Answer: Google.
• Google is currently in the first position in the list of popular search engines.
• Google is also the world’s largest and most commonly used search engine.

Q5. What are the 5 most commonly used search engines?

Answer: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu

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