Top 10 Search Engines in 2022 with additional info

Search engines allow visitors to quickly and easily access information of real interest or value without having to go through a plethora of unneeded web pages. We are very familiar with the Google search engine, but there are other search engines besides Google in the market like Bing Yahoo, Baidu.

In this article, we have listed the top 10 search engines in the world. based on various parameters.

What is a search engine?

A search engine is a software system designed to run web searches. The system systematically searches the World Wide Web (WWW) for specific information specified in a text web search query. Search results are usually presented in a single line of results, often referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs).

Top 10 search engines in the World in terms of share of Visits during February 2022

The list provided by “Semrus.Trends”, here Share of visits refers to the percentage of a competitor’s traffic in the traffic volume for the market. This metric counts all traffic to a domain.
Source: Semrush

Ranking Search Engine Share of visits
1 Google 75.71
2 Amazon 11.27
3 Yahoo! 7.24
4 Bing 3.32
5 DuckDuckGo 1.32
6 AOL 0.89
7 Baidu 0.15
8 0.06
9 Yandex 0.04
10 Ecosia 0.04

Top 10 search engines in terms of market share

In particular, Google currently holds 92.18 percent of the global search engine market share. The Google Search engine is so popular that it is many times bigger than any other search engine in the world. Source: oberlo

Ranking Search Engine Market Share
1 Google 92.18%
2 Bing 8.04%
3 Baidu 7.34%
4 Yahoo! 3.39%
5 Yandex 1.53%
6 0.72%
7 DuckDuckGo 0.39%
8 Naver 0.13%
9 AOL 0.06%
10 Seznam 0.05%

Top 10 search engines in terms of popularity

This can be a daunting task for many, but Google is not the only search engine available on the Internet today! In addition to Google and Bing, there are other search engines that may not be so well known, but still serve millions of search queries every day. [Source: reliablesoft ]

Ranking Search Engine Popularity %
1 Google 88.28%
2 Bing between 2.83% and 12.31%
3 Yahoo! 1%
4 Baidu between 0.68% and 11.26%
5 Yandex between 0.5% and 1.16%
6 DuckDuckGo 0.66%
7 0.42%
8 Ecosia 0.10%
9 AOL 0.05%.
10 Internet Archive ….

What are the two famous search engines in India?

Google and Bing are the two most popular search engines in India. Google has a 98.71% market share in India, while Bing search engine has a 0.96% market share.

Top 5 search engines in India

Here are the top 5 search engines in terms of Market Share in India, as of April 2022.
Source: Statcounter

Ranking Search Engine Market Share %
1 Google 98.71%
2 Bing 0.96%
3 Yahoo! 0.25%
4 DuckDuckGo 0.05%
5 Ecosia 0.01%

Top 6 Search engines in USA

Ranking Search Engine Market Share %
1 Google 87.71%
2 Bing 6.72%
3 Yahoo! 2.92%
4 DuckDuckGo 2.26%
5 Ecosia 0.1%
6 Yandex 0.08%

Key Points about the popular search engines

Google search engine

• Google was introduced to the world in 1997.
• Currently, it is the most popular search engine in the world.
• More than 3.5 billion searches are made every day using Google.
• Google is so popular that its technology empowers other search engines like

Google Search Engine Logo
Google Search Engine Logo

Bing search engine

• Bing search engine developed by Microsoft.
• It was launched in 2009.
• Bing is the default search engine in the Microsoft web browser.

Bing Search engine Logo


• Baidu is the most used (76.05% market share in China) search engine in China.
• It was founded in January 2000 by Chinese Entrepreneur, Eric Xu.
• Baidu offers other community services such as Baidu Baike (an online encyclopedia), Baidu Wangpan (a cloud storage service), and Baidu Tieba (a keyword-based discussion forum).

top 10 search engines
Baidu Search Engine logo


• Jerry Yang and David Filo established Yahoo in January 1994.
• It provides other services such as My Yahoo!, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports and its advertising platform, Yahoo! Native.

yahoo logo


• Yandex search engine Launched in 1997.
• It is the most used search engine in Russia.
• Yandex is also widely used in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey.
• It provides other services like Yandex Maps, Yandex Music, online translator and Yandex Money.

Yandex Logo

List of Search engines and country of origin

Sl. no Search Engine Country
1 Google California, USA
2 Bing New Mexico, USA
3 California, Yahoo! USA
4 Yandex Russia
5 Baidu China
6 DuckDuckGo California, USA
7 Ecosia Berlin, Germany
9 Naver South Korea

Search Engine Popularity by Country

Country Search Engine Popularity %
India Google 97.35%
United States Google 87.28%
United Kingdom Google 89.67%
China Baidu 70.26%
France Google 91.15%
Japan Google 70.31%
Italy Google 94.81%
Germany Google 93.31%
Brazil Google 96.37%
Canada Google 90.85%
South Korea Google 84.41%
Russia Yandex 51.08%
Australia Google 93.16%
Spain Google 95.11%
Mexico Google 95.27%
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