English Synonyms MCQ with Answers: Asked in Previous Year SSC Exams

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English Synonyms MCQ with Answers Set-1 [25 MCQs]

Q1. Debilitate
A. Vitalize
B. Animate
C. Weaken
D. Sustain

Answer – Answer: C. Weaken
Explanation-“Debilitate” means to weaken, impair, or make someone or something feeble. “Weaken” is the most appropriate synonym, emphasizing a decrease in strength or vitality.

Q2. Beneficiaries
A. recipients
B. donors
C. addresses

Answer – A. recipients
Explanation-“Beneficiaries” refers to individuals or entities who receive benefits, advantages, or assets from someone or something. Among the given options, “recipients” best represents the meaning of “beneficiaries,” as recipients are the ones who receive something.

Q3. Calm
A. Joyful
B. Cranky
C. Clean
D. Relaxed

Answer – D. Relaxed
Explanation-“Calm” describes a state of tranquility, serenity, or absence of agitation. “Relaxed” is the most suitable synonym, indicating a state of ease, calmness, or free from tension.

Q4. Wander
A. Run
B. Think
C. Roam
D. Sing

Answer –C. Roam
Explanation-“Wander” means to move or travel aimlessly or without a specific destination. “Roam” is the most appropriate synonym, suggesting the act of moving around freely without a fixed path.

Q5. Abolish
A. Eliminate
B. Establish
C. Continue
D. Introduce

Answer – A. Eliminate
Explanation-“Abolish” means to officially put an end to something or eradicate it completely. “Eliminate” is the most suitable synonym, denoting the act of removing or getting rid of something entirely.

Q6. Generic
A. Specific
B. Precise
C. Definite
D. Universal

Answer – C. Definite
Explanation-Among the given options, “definite” is the most suitable synonym for “generic” as it denotes a clear and specific quality.

Q7. Deride
A. Approve
B. Mock
C. Admire
D. Lift

Answer –B. Mock
Explanation-“Deride” means to ridicule, mock, or make fun of someone or something. “Mock” is the most suitable synonym, signifying the act of imitating or teasing in a scornful or derisive manner.

Q8. Prompt
A. Quick
B. Gradual
C. Slow
D. Lengthy

Answer – A. Quick
Explanation-“Prompt” means done without delay or with speed. “Quick” is the synonym that carries a similar meaning, emphasizing swiftness or immediacy.

Q9. Grumble
A. Grin
B. Call
C. Groan
D. Ring

Answer –C. Groan
Explanation-“Grumble” means to complain or express dissatisfaction in a low, rumbling manner. “Groan” is the most suitable synonym, representing a deep, expressive sound often associated with discomfort or displeasure.

Q10. Brat
A. Spoilt child
B. Rich person
C. Plump lady
D. Wise man

Answer – A. Spoilt child
Explanation- “Brat” refers to an ill-mannered, unruly, or spoiled child. “Spoilt child” is the most appropriate synonym, indicating a child who behaves badly due to excessive indulgence or lack of discipline.

Q11. Rejuvenate
A. Retell
B. Retake
C. Reset
D. Refresh

Answer –D. Refresh
Explanation-“Rejuvenate” means to restore, revive, or make something fresh again. “Refresh” is the most appropriate synonym, signifying the act of renewing or revitalizing.

Q12. Barren
A. Fertile
B. Bountiful
C. Desolate
D. Fruitful

Answer – C. Desolate
Explanation-“Barren” means unable to produce vegetation or lacking in fertility. The option that best represents this meaning is “desolate.”

Q13. Testify
A. Affirm
B. Oppose
C. Disprove
D. Invalidate

Answer – A. Affirm
Explanation-“Testify” means to give evidence, support, or bear witness to something. “Affirm” is the most appropriate synonym, suggesting the act of confirming or declaring the truth of a statement.

Q14. Comply
A. Obey
B. Adore
C. Decline
D. Deny

Answer – A. Obey
Explanation-“Comply” means to conform to rules, requests, or instructions. “Obey” is the most suitable synonym, suggesting the act of following or adhering to commands or orders.

Q15. Yield
A. Plantation
B. Garden
C. Orchard
D. Harvest

Answer – D. Harvest
Explanation- “Yield” as a noun refers to the quantity of agricultural produce or the act of harvesting crops. “Harvest” is the most appropriate synonym here, representing the gathering or reaping of crops.

Q16. Termination
A. Consolation
B. Conviction
C. Conduction
D. Conclusion

Answer – D. Conclusion
Explanation- “Termination” refers to the act of ending or concluding something. “Conclusion” is the most suitable synonym, denoting the final part or outcome of an event or process.

Q17. Poignant
A. Beautiful
B. Quiet
C. Happy
D. Touching

Answer – D. Touching
Explanation-“Poignant” refers to something that evokes a sense of sadness, sympathy, or deep emotion. “Touching” is the most appropriate synonym, suggesting a profound or emotionally moving experience.

Q.18 Celebrate
A. Honour
B. Humiliate
C. Publish
D. Circulate

Answer – A. Honour
Explanation-“Celebrate” means to observe or commemorate a special occasion with joy, festivities, or reverence. “Honour” is the most suitable synonym, signifying the act of showing respect or admiration.

Q19. Rowdy
A. Charming
B. Boisterous
C. Calm
D. Amenable

Answer – B. Boisterous
Explanation-“Rowdy” refers to a person who is noisy, rough, and disruptive in behavior. The option that best represents this meaning is “boisterous.”

Q20. Tag (n)
A. Label
B. Syphon
C. Pump
D. Drain

Answer –A. Label
Explanation- “Tag” refers to a small piece of paper, cloth, or other material attached to an object to identify or provide information about it. “Label” is the most suitable synonym, representing a descriptive or identifying marker attached to an item.

Q21. Chaos
A. Confusion
B. Fusion
C. Tension
D. Dirt

Answer – A. Confusion
Explanation-“Chaos” refers to a state of extreme confusion, disorder, or turmoil. “Confusion” is the best synonym here, representing a lack of clarity or disarray.

Q22. Principle
A. Axiom
B. Leader
C. Concrete
D. Headmaster

Answer – A. Axiom
Explanation-“Principle” refers to a fundamental truth, law, or guiding belief. “Axiom” is the most suitable synonym, denoting a self-evident or universally accepted principle or proposition.

Q23. Banner
A. Protest
B. Rally
C. March
D. Poster

Answer – D. Poster
Explanation-“Banner” refers to a long strip of cloth or material displaying a slogan, advertisement, or message. “Poster” is the most suitable synonym, representing a large printed notice or placard used for advertising or informational purposes.

Q24. Detrimental
A. Intellectual
B. Harmful
C. Friendly
D. Smart

Answer – B. Harmful
Explanation-“Detrimental” means causing harm, damage, or adverse effects. “Harmful” is the most appropriate synonym, implying the potential to cause negative consequences or injury.

Q25. Iota
A. Bit
B. Box
C. Lot
D. Bag

Answer – A. Bit
Explanation-“Iota” means an extremely small amount or quantity. Among the options, “bit” closely resembles the meaning, denoting a small or insignificant portion.

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