One Word Substitution MCQ

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One Word Substitution MCQ Set-1

Q1. A person who presents a radio/television program.
A. Idol
B. Anchor
C. Speaker
D. Star

Answer –B. Anchor

Q2.One who cannot be reformed or changed
A. invincible
B. infallible
C. incorrigible
D. indelible

Answer –C. Incorrigible

Q3.A person who pretends to have morals and beliefs that he or she doesn’t believe in
A. communal
B. versatile
C. hypocrite
D. radical

Answer –C. Hypocrite

Q4. The nest of a squirrel, typically in the form of a mass of twigs in a tree
A. Hole
B. Burrow
C. Lair
D. Drey

Answer –D. Drey

Q5. A sentimental longing for a time in the past
A. sepia
B. myopia
C. nostalgia
D. dystopia

Answer – C. nostalgia

Q6. A large cage, building, or enclosure to keep birds
A. Zoo
B. Apiary
C. Aquarium
D. Aviary

Answer –D. Aviary

Q7. A person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft
A. Anchor
B. Choreographer
C. Astronaut
D. Chauffeur

Answer – C. Astronaut

Q8. One who does not take any alcoholic drink
A. Teetotaller
B. Astrologer
C. Perfectionist
D. Vegetarian

Answer –A. Teetotaller

Q9. Something which cannot be taken by force
A. Impregnable
B. Irresistible
C. Imperative
D. Impromptu

Answer – A. Impregnable

Q10. Not active or growing
A. dormant
B. duplicate
C. invisible
D. inanimate

Answer –A. dormant

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