Idioms and Phrases MCQ [600 Questions] Based on SSC Exams

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All these MCQ questions on Idioms and Phrases were asked in previous years’ SSC exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC MS, SSC CHSL, etc.

Idioms and Phrases MCQ Set-1

Q1. “To leave no stone unturned” means:
A. To comprehensively arrange things
B. To fully revise something produced
C. To completely renovate an old building
D. To make all possible efforts

Answer –D. To make all possible efforts

Q2. Raise the bar
A. To grow taller
B. To raise the price
C. To win a competition
D. To set higher goals

Answer – D. To set higher goals

Q3. Take to task
A. To assign work
B. To rebuke
C. To praise
D. To give an award

Answer –B. To rebuke

Q4. Fair and square
A. By any means available
B. According to the rules
C. Beautiful in appearance
D. Calm and quiet

Answer –B. According to the rules

Q5.” To pigeonhole” means:
A. To blindly accept someone
B. To typecast someone
C. To call someone names
D. To hurriedly reject someone

Answer –B. To typecast someone.

Q6. Tide someone over
A. Complete a voyage successfully
B. Give temporary help, usually financial
C. Ask someone for financial assistance
D. Get a boat ready to cross a river or water body

Answer – B. Give temporary help, usually financial

Q.7 To pay lip service
A. To ask for permission
B. To be insincere
C. To make loud statements
D. To talk out of turn

Answer –B. To be insincere

Q.8 To get the ball rolling
A. To match an opponent
B. To keep working until late
C. To play a ball game well
D. To begin a process

Answer –D. To begin a process

Q9. Gift of the Gab
A. Receive a precious gift
B. Achieve sudden greatness
C. Have the ability to adapt
D. Have the talent to speak well

Answer –D. Have the talent to speak well

Q10. Bang for the buck
A. Dash against something
B. More value for money
C. Less value for money
D. A sorrowful heart

Answer – B. More value for money

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