Nicknames of Rivers in India: Complete Details

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Exploring the nicknames of rivers in India can be super fun! It’s something examiners often like to ask about in Static GK. You might have heard terms like “Ganga of South” or “Dakshin Ganga” thrown around.

And have you ever wondered why some rivers are called the “Sorrow of” something? Like the Koshi River being the “Sorrow of Bihar” or the Damodar River being the “Sorrow of West Bengal“?

Well, in this article, we’re going to uncover all these cool nicknames of India’s rivers. Whether you’re a curious student or someone who loves traveling, let’s dive into the fascinating world of these rivers and their special names!

Nicknames of Rivers in India Important list

Sl.NoRivers NicknamesRiver Name
1Sindhu Indus River
2 Dead River Ghaggar River ( Rajasthan )
3 Transparent river Umngot River
4 Red river Brahmaputra River
5 Yarlung Tsangpo (Tibet) Brahmaputra
6 Siang/Dihang River (Arunachal Pradesh) Brahmaputra River
7 Luit and Dilao (Assam) Brahmaputra River
8 Kali or Mahakali River Sharda River
9 Sorrow of Bihar Kosi River
10 Sorrow of Odisha Mahanadi River
11 Sorrow of Assam Brahmaputra River
12 Sorrow of West Bengal Damodar River
13 Sorrow of West Jharkhand Damodar River
14 “River of Sorrows” Damodar River
15 Sorrow of Karnataka Doni River
16 Sorrow of Madhya Pradesh Son River
17 Sorrow of Andhra Pradesh Budameru Rivulet
18 Sorrow of Himachal Pradesh Swan River
19 Vridha Ganga  Godavari River
20 Dakshin Ganga  Godavari River
21 Ganges of South India  Kaveri River
22 Ardha Ganga Kaveri River
23 Lavanavari (Salt river) Luni River
24 Daughter of Sun Yamuna River
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Rivers Known as the “Lifelines of States”

Sl.NoLifeline of StatesRiver Name
1Lifeline of Maharashtra Koyna River
2 Lifeline of Madhya Pradesh Narmada River
3 Lifeline of Goa Mandovi River
4Lifeline of Sikkim Teesta River
5 Lifeline of Kerala Periyar River
6 Lifeline of Karnataka Cauvery River
7 Lifeline of Odisha and Chhattisgarh Mahanadi River
8 Lifeline of Himachal Pradesh Beas River
9 Lifeline of Andhra Pradesh Godavari River
10 Lifeline of South India Cauvery River
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Nicknames of Rivers in India, Lifeline of India States
Nicknames of Rivers in India, Lifeline of India States

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Nicknames of Rivers in India

Q1. Which River is known as the lifeline of Maharashtra?

Answer: Koyna River

Q2. Which River is called the Sorrow of Bengal?

Answer: Damodar River

Q3. Which River is known as the Tears of Bihar?

Answer: Koshi River

Q4. Which is known as the Ganga of the South.

Answer: The Godavari river is known as Dakshin Ganga or the Ganga of the South.

Q5. Which river is known as Vridha Ganga?

Answer: Godavari river

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