[PDF] Number of Players in Sports and Games 

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Knowing the number of players in different games and sports is an important aspect of static GK, as it is a commonly covered topic in competitive exams. One or two questions may be asked about this topic in many exams. It’s essential to understand the number of players in different games and sports to score well in these exams.

Number of Players in Sports and Games 

Serial No.SportsNumber of Players
1BadmintonSingle 1 Player
Double 2 Players
11Football (Soccer)11
14Roller Hockey/ Rink Hockey /Quad Hockey5 Per side
15Ice Hockey6
16Field Hockey11
19Kho Kho9
23Rugby Football15
24Tug of War8
25TennisSingle – 1 Player and
Double – 2 Players
26Table TennisSingle – 1 Player
Double – 2 Players
28Water Polo7
29Water Basketball5
30GolfNot Specified as per golf rule.
31Croquet2 , 4 or 6 players
32Korfball8 (4 – Male and 4 – Female)

Some Unknown Facts

▪ Kickball is also known as soccer baseball in most of Canada.

☛ Kabaddi
▪ Kabaddi or Ha-du-du is the national sport of Bangladesh.

☛ Different names of Kabaddi in India
▪  Kabaddi or Chedugudu: Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
▪  Kabaddi: Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala
▪  Kabadi or Sadugudu: Tamil Nadu
▪  Kauddi or Kabaddi: Punjab region
▪  Hu-tu-tu: Western India
▪  Hu-do-do: Eastern India
▪  Chadakudu: South India

☛ Different Names of Kabaddi in the World
▪ kabadi or ha-du-du: Bangladesh
▪ Bhavatik: Maldives
▪ Kapardi: Nepal 

Kho Kho
▪ It is a popular tag team game invented in Maharashtra, India.
▪ Total 15 Players per side (9 in the field + 3 extra)

▪ Highest governing body International Handball Federation.
▪ Headquarters located in Basel, Switzerland

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