Major Physiographic Divisions of India with Key Points

Major Physiographic Divisions of India with Key Points

Physiography of India: India is characterized by six distinct physiographic divisions. For a comprehensive overview of the Physiographic Divisions of India, including details on Physical Features, Maps, and the significance of each division, explore the complete information available. Physiography of India ✅Geographical Extent 🔹India is situated from the snow-capped Himalayas in the north to the … Read more

Northern Plains of India, Features, Map, States, Rivers, Importance

Northern Plains of India

The Northern Plains of India, formed by the alluvial deposits of the Indus, Ganga, and Brahmaputra rivers, along with their tributaries, represent the second youngest physiographic region in the country, succeeding the Indian Desert. Bounded by the Shiwalik range to the north, the Desert to the west, the Peninsular Plateau to the south, and the … Read more

Important Mountain Passes in India: Complete Notes [2024]

Important Mountain Passes in India UPSC notes

Have you ever felt lost navigating a sea of geographical facts while preparing for competitive exams? You’re not alone! Many crucial exams test your knowledge of mountain passes in India. The mountain passes of the Northern and Northeastern Mountains are one of integral parts of India’s physiography. These strategic gateways connect regions, influence weather patterns, … Read more

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