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Due to the geographical features of India, there is a huge potential for the construction of large dams on riverine lands. So far more than 5,202 dams have been constructed by India. Among these 5020 dams, some of the important dams, the river on which they are located, and the respective states are listed here.

What is a dam?

• A dam is a system that retains surface water or stops or restricts the flow of surface water or underground streams.

Purpose of Dam

• Dams are used for various purposes viz …
• To store water
• To control flooding
• Electricity production
• For irrigation purposes
• To divert the flow of water

List of All Major dams in India

1Jalaput DamAndhrapradeshGodavari
2Polavaram DamAndhra PradeshGodavari
3Somasila DamAndhra PradeshPenna River
4Srisailam DamAndhra Pradesh
(Nandyal district) &
Telangana (Nagarkurnool
district )
Krishna River
5Nagarjuna Sagar DamTelangana (Nalgonda district) and Andhra Pradesh (Palnadu district)Krishna River
6Nizam Sagar DamHyderabadGodavari River
7Ranganadi DamArunachal PradeshRanganadi River
8Dibang DamArunachal PradeshDibang River
9Dudhawa DamChhattisgarhMahanadi
10Gangrel DamChhattisgarhMahanadi
11Baskund DamBiharBaskund River
12Nakti DamBiharNakti River
13Kaushalya DamHaryanaKaushalya River
14Konar DamJharkhandKonar River
15Massanjore DamJharkhandMayurakshi River
16PanchetJharkhand (Dhanbad
Damodar River
17Maithon DamJharkhand
(Dhanbad District)
Barakar River
18Tungabhadra DamKarnatakaTungabhadra
19Rihand DamUttar PradeshRihand
21Koyna DamMaharashtraKoyna
22Jayakwadi DamMaharashtraGodavari
23Serlui B DamMizoramSerlui River
24Bisalpur DamRajasthanBanas River
25Rana Pratap Sagar damRajasthanChambal River
26Gandhi Sagar DamRajasthanChambal River
27Kota BarrageRajasthanChambal River
28Mettur DamTamil NaduKaveri River
29Bhavani Sagar damTamil NaduBhavani River
30Krishnarajasagar DamKarnatakaKaveri River
31Almatti DamKarnatakaKrishna River
32Basava Sagara DamKarnatakaKrishna River
33Bhadra DamKarnatakaBhadra River
34Renuka Sagara DamKarnatakaMalaprabha River
35Indira Sagar DamMadhya PradeshNarmada River
36Bansagar DamMadhya PradeshSon River
37Bargi DamMadhya PradeshNarmada River
38Omkareshwar DamMadhya PradeshNarmada River
39Rajghat DamMadhya PradeshBetwa
40Tipaimukh DamManipurBarak River
41Khuga damManipurKhuga River
42Cheruthoni DamKeralaCheruthoni
43Malampuzha DamKeralaBharathapuzha River
44Idukki DamKeralaPeriyar River
45Mullaperiyar DamKeralaPeriyar River
46Banasura Sagar DamKeralaKabini River
47Dharoi damGujaratSabarmati River
48Ukai DamGujaratTapti River
49Sardar Sarovar DamGujaratNarmada
51Hirakud damOdishaMahanadi
52Indravati DamOdishaIndravati River
53Rangit DamSikkimRanjit River
54Bhakra Nangal DamPunjab-Himachal
Pradesh Border
Sutlej River
55Ranjit Sagar DamPunjabRavi River
56Pong DamHimachal PradeshBeas River
57Nathpa DamHimachal PradeshSutlej River
58Tehri DamUttarakhandBhagirathi River
59Koteshwar DamUttarakhandBhagirathi River
60Asan BarrageUttarakhandYamuna River
61Salal DamJammu & KashmirChenab River
62Dul Hasti DamJammu & KashmirChenab River
63Ratle Hydroelectric DamJammu & KashmirChenab River
64Kishanganga Hydroelectric DamJammu & KashmirKishanganga River
65Uri DamJammu & KashmirJhelum River
66Baglihar DamJammu & KashmirChenab River
67Mukutmanipur DamWest BengalKangsabati River
68Maithon DamWest Bengal (Paschim
Bardhaman District)
Barakar River
69Farakka BarrageWest BengalGanges River
70Panchet DamWest Bengal (Purulia
Damodar River
71Durgapur BarrageWest BengalDamodar River

Major dams in India Map

Major Dams in India Map
Major Dams in India Map [ncertCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

List of important dams in India [Selected]

• This section lists some selected dams asked in various competitive exams. All these dams are frequently asked in almost all competitive exams.

Sl.NoDams in IndiaState River 
1Polavaram DamAndhra PradeshGodavari
2Srisailam DamAndhra Pradesh
(Nandyal district) &
Telangana (Nagarkurnool
district )
Krishna River
3Nagarjuna Sagar DamTelangana (Nalgonda district) and Andhra Pradesh (Palnadu district)Krishna River
4Massanjore DamJharkhandMayurakshi River
5PanchetJharkhand (Dhanbad
Damodar River
6Maithon DamJharkhand
(Dhanbad District)
Barakar River
7Rihand DamUttar PradeshRihand
8Maithon DamJharkhandBarakar
9Koyna DamMaharashtraKoyna
10Jayakwadi DamMaharashtraGodavari
11Rana Pratap Sagar damRajasthanChambal River
12Gandhi Sagar DamRajasthanChambal River
13Mettur DamTamil NaduKaveri River
14Krishnarajasagar DamKarnatakaKaveri River
15Almatti DamKarnatakaKrishna River
16Indira Sagar DamMadhya PradeshNarmada River
17Omkareshwar DamMadhya PradeshNarmada River
18Rajghat DamMadhya PradeshBetwa
19Tipaimukh DamManipurBarak River
20Idukki DamKeralaPeriyar River
21Mullaperiyar DamKeralaPeriyar River
22Banasura Sagar DamKeralaKabini River
23Ukai DamGujaratTapti River
24Sardar Sarovar DamGujaratNarmada
25Nagarjuna Sagar DamTelanganaKrishna
26Hirakud damOdishaMahanadi
27Indravati DamOdishaIndravati River
28Bhakra Nangal DamPunjab-Himachal
Pradesh Border
Sutlej River
29Ranjit Sagar DamPunjabRavi River
30Pong DamHimachal PradeshBeas River
31Nathpa DamHimachal PradeshSutlej River
32Tehri DamUttarakhandBhagirathi River
33Asan BarrageUttarakhandYamuna River
34Salal DamJammu & KashmirChenab River
35Dul Hasti DamJammu & KashmirChenab River
36Ratle Hydroelectric DamJammu & KashmirChenab River
37Kishanganga Hydroelectric DamJammu & KashmirKishanganga River
38Baglihar DamJammu & KashmirChenab River
39Farakka BarrageWest BengalGanges River

Facts about some of the important Dams in India

Oldest Dam in IndiaKallanai DamTamil NaduKaveri river
Longest Dam in IndiaHirakud DamOdishaMahanadi
Highest Dam in IndiaTehri DamUttarakhandBhagirathi River
Largest reservoir in GujaratSardar Sarovar damGujaratNarmada
Uttarakhand’s first Ramsar siteAsan BarrageUttarakhandConfluence of Asan and Yamuna River
Largest dam of India by volumeRihand DamUttar PradeshRihand River
Highest gravity dam in IndiaBhakra DamHimachal PradeshSutlej River
World’s largest masonry damNagarjuna Sagar DamKrishna RiverTelangana (Nalgonda district) and Andhra Pradesh (Palnadu district)
Highest arch dam in IndiaIdukki DamPeriyar RiverKerala

Highlights on some important Dams in India

Oldest Dam in India

• Kallanai Dam, also known as Grand Anicut, is India’s oldest dam.

• It is located in the Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu.
• The dam is built across the Kaveri River.

• It was built by King Karikalan of the Chola dynasty in c. 100 BC – c. 100 AD.

• It is the world’s fourth oldest water diversion or water-control structure.

dams in India
Kallanai Dam (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Highest Dam in India

• Tehri Dam in Uttarakhand is the Highest Dam in India.

• The dam height is 260.5 m (855 ft) and the length is 575 m (1,886 ft).

• It is built on the Bhagirathi River.

• It is currently ranked 12th on the list of the tallest dams in the world.

dams in India
Tehri Dam (Image Source: Vaibhav78545, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Longest Dam in India

• Hirakud Dam in Odisha (Sambalpur) is the longest dam in India.
• Aso, It is the longest earthen dam in the world.

• Hirakud Dam is built across the Mahanadi River.

• The length of the entire dam is around 25.8 km.

• The year of completion of the Hirakund Dam is 1957.

dams in India
Hirakud Dam (Image source: Telegraphindia)

Highest Gravity Dam in India

• The Bhakra dam on the Sutlej River is the highest gravity dam in India.

Bhakra Dam is the second highest dam in India after Tehri Dam.

• The dam is located at the Bhakra village of Bilaspur district in Himachal Pradesh.

• The height and length of Bhakra Dam are 226 meters (741 ft) and 520 meters (1700 ft) respectively.

• The construction of the dam was completed in 1963.

• The Bhakra Dam forms the Govind Sagar Reservoir, which stores 9.34 billion cubic meters of water.

Govind Sagar Reservoir is the third largest reservoir in India after Indira Sagar Dam in Madhya Pradesh and Nagarjunasagar Dam in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

dams in India
Bhakra dam (Image Source: thekikarlodge)

Frequently Asked Questions about Dams in India

Q1. Which is the largest dam in India?

Ans. Tehri dam
• Located on the Bhagirathi river in Uttarakhand.

Q2. Which is the longest dam in India?

Ans. Hirakund dam
• Total length: 25.8Km
• Located on the Mahanadi River in Odisha

Q3. Which is the oldest dam in India?

Ans. Kallanai Dam
• Located on the Kaveri River
• Built by Karikala Cholan of Chola Dynasty in 100 BC –100 AD.

Q4. Bhakra Nangal Dam is on which river?

Ans. Setluj river.

Q5. Where is the Rihand Dam?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh
• Located on Rihand River.

Q6. How many dams are there in India?

Answer: 5,202

Q7. Which state has more dams in India?

Answer: Maharashtra
• Maharashtra has the maximum number of large dams in the country (1845) followed by Madhya Pradesh (905) and Gujarat (666).

Q8. Which is the smallest dam in India?

Answer: Cheruthoni Dam
• The Cheruthoni Dam is built across the Periyar River in the Idukki district, Kerala, India.

Q9. Which river has more dams in India?

Answer: Ganga river
• Approximately 1000 large and small dams/barrages.

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