Disease caused by metals with Previous Year Question

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Here is the list of diseases caused by metals and minerals. This list includes various diseases caused by various minerals and metals in the human body. Some questions from this topic are often asked in various competitive exams. .

List of diseases Caused by Metals

Sl. NoMetal and MineralsDisease
1AsbestosWhite lung cancer
4MercuryPink Disease
7 leadDyslexia
9LeadDevon Colic
11Crystalline silica dustSilicosis ( lung disease)
13Benzene vaporAcute myeloid leukemia (AML)
14CoalBlack Lung
15IronPulmonary Siderosis
16Nitrates Blue Baby Syndrome

Previous year questions from this topic

Question 1: Which of the following metals causes Itai-Itai disease? (SSC CGL Tier-I 2011)
Answer: Cadmium

Question 2: Acute lead poisoning is also known as (SSC HSL Data Entry Operator & LDC 2010)
Answer: Plumbism

Question 3: Cadmium pollution is associated with: (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry Operator & LCD 2011)
Answer: Itai-itai

Question 4: Itai-Itai disease is due to poisoning caused by __ (SSC Constable (GD) & Rifleman (GD) 1912)
Answer: Cadmium

Question 5: Which of the following diseases is caused by the consumption of nitrate-contaminated food and water? (SSC HSL Data Entry Operator & LDC 2010)
Answer: Blue baby syndrome

Question 6: The disease caused by Asbestos is: (SSC CGL Prelim Exam. 1999)
Answer: Asbestosis

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