West Bengal Geography MCQ: Asked in Previous Year’s WBCS Preliminary Exams 2022-2001

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Welcome to the world of West Bengal geography multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that have been asked in previous years’ WBCS (West Bengal Civil Service) preliminary exams! West Bengal, a state located in the eastern part of India, boasts a rich geographical diversity that encompasses varied landscapes, rivers, and climate patterns.

WBCS West Bengal Geography MCQ

These MCQs serve as a gateway to explore and test your knowledge about the geographical features, landmarks, and natural resources that define this captivating region.

This collection of MCQs aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of West Bengal’s geographical features, including its majestic mountains, picturesque hill stations, and diverse flora and fauna.

Whether you are an aspirant preparing for the WBCS preliminary exams or simply an avid learner curious about West Bengal’s geography, these questions will provide you with a stimulating journey of exploration. So, embark on this intellectual adventure and discover the fascinating facets of West Bengal’s geography through the lens of previous years’ WBCS preliminary exams.

WBCS Prelims West Bengal Geography MCQ Set-1

Q1. Which of the following districts of West Bengal had the highest child sex ratio in 2011? [WBCS Prelims 2022]
A. Darjeeling
B. Howrah
C. Kolkata
D. Malda

Answer –B. Howrah

Q2. The Kasai and Keleghai rivers join to form: [WBCS Prelims 2022]
A. The Rupnarayan River
B. the Haldi river
C. The Subarnarekha river
D. the Damodar River

Answer –B. the Haldi river

Q3. Kumari river is a tributary of______ [WBCS Prelims 2022]
A. Mahanadi
B. Damodar
C. Kansabati
D. Ajoy

Answer –C. Kansabati

Q4. Which one of the following is the highest peak in South Bengal? [WBCS Prelims 2022]
A. Sandakphu
B. Gorgaburu
C. Pareshnath
D. Biharinath

Answer – B. Gorgaburu

Q5. How many districts are there in West Bengal? [WBCS Prelims 2022]
A. 20
B. 19
C. 23
D. 25

Answer – C. 23

Q6. Which one of the following is not correctly matched? [WBCS Prelims 2022]
A. NH-2–Delhi-Kolkata
B. NH-35-Barasat-Bangoan
C. NH-41-Kolaghat-Haldia
D. NH-34-Sevak-Gangtok

Answer – D. NH-34-Sevak-Gangtok

Q7. The western part of the Teesta River in West Bengal is called: [WBCS Prelims 2022]
A. Terai
B. Duars
C. Bagar
D. Bhabar

Answer – A. Terai

Q8. The boundary line of Sundarban was demarcated by___ [WBCS Prelims 2021]
A. Hamilton Saheb
B. Major William Tolly
C. Scott
D. Dampier and Hodges

Answer –D. Dampier and Hodges

Q9. The Sundarban is declared as a ‘Ramsar site’ in_______ [WBCS Prelims 2021]
A. 1987
B. 1972
C. 2018
D. 2019

Answer –D. 2019

Q10. Mukutmanipur Dam is located across the following river_________ [WBCS Prelims 2021]
A. Subarnarekha
B. Dwarkeswar
C. Barakar
D. Kangsabati

Answer –D. Kangsabati

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