OTT full form, Types of OTT

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In this article we’ve discussed about OTT, like OTT full form, types of OTT, benefits of OTT and about OTT marketing.

ott full form in cinema
ott full form in cinema

What is the definition of OTT?

• OTT stands for “Over The Top”, it refers to any streaming service like video and audio content that is delivered over the internet. It bypasses the traditional media like cable TV where the content is controlled by the service providers.

•”OTT Platform” has already achieved very popularity even if the TV has already been distributed.

• To view a program on cable TV, the customer has to take a cable connection from the nearest service provider.

• Users can sign up for different OTT services like Netflix or Spotify in the modern era. These OTT platforms provide shows and programs on the Internet.

• The cable TV provider now only provides the internet connection and has no ability to control what we consume.

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Why OTT is important?

• OTT has a relatively new event; there is a possibility of increasing a considerable amount. Many companies are entering the OTT space, which proceeds to different options for consumers and increases the amount of advertising inventory for marketing.

• Currently, the availability of cheap Internet facilitates the use of OTT services. How marketers can take advantage of these platforms remains, widely, to be seen.

What are the benefits of OTT?

• Legacy media like TV or any print media unable to show personalized or targeted ads to the user. So, it is very difficult to target a specific audence through traditional media.

• But it is possible to serve personalized ads to target a specific user base in the OTT platform. Brands or marketers can choose how and when to air their marketing campaigns to target particular demographics.

• User can see their favorite shows and programs at any time with OTT services.

Types of OTT service providers

• Based on streaming media there are different types of OTT platforms, Let’s take a look at all the OTT types.

OTT Television

• It is the most common vedio streaming OTT services.
• This is the most popular OTT advertising media for marketers.

• Some examples of OTT television services include:
Amazon Prime Video
Pluto TV
Apple TV
HBO (Max, Go, Now)

OTT Messaging

• It includes any online chat rooms or instant messaging services third parties provide. These services are usually an alternative to traditional text messaging and are supplied by a mobile network operator. OTT advertisements can appear as banners on these applications or websites.

• Some examples of OTT messaging services include:
Facebook Messenger
Kik Messenger

OTT Voice Calling

• Nowadays, voice OTT services are increasingly common instead of phone calls.

• Some of these voice calling services include:

What is OTT marketing?

• OTT marketing is the delivery of ads over the internet through video streaming. It runs video ad interruptions, banner ads, sponsored content and more.

• Traditional ad serving modes like TV is usually controlled by the network and the corporations advertising on it. But, over-the-top marketing allows companies to bypass traditional TV providers, which typically manage media and content distribution across regions.

• OTT ads gave a powerful tool for marketers to reach out to audiences directly by providing user-targeted ads and getting them to buy their goods.

OTT recent News

• Shah Rukh Khan announces his own OTT platform, SRK+
• The announcement was made by SRK on social media, along with a poster
• The Poster hints that he is entering the world of OTT with his own platform.
• The poster shared by Shah Rukh had ‘SRK+ Coming Soon’ written on it.
• He captioned it saying, “Kuch kuch hone wala hai, OTT ki duniya mein.
• Later, He confirms that SRK+ is not an app, The poster was just a just a build-up to Disney+ Hotstar’s new ad campaign featuring the actor himself.

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