What is the heaviest isotope of hydrogen?

Question: What is the heaviest isotope of hydrogen? Answer: The title of “heaviest hydrogen isotope” goes to tritium, also known as ³H or T. Explanation Why Tritium is the heaviest isotope of hydrogen? Here’s a table summarizing the key players Isotope Protons Neutrons Mass (amu) Abundance Protium (¹H) 1 0 1.007825 99.9885% Deuterium (²H) 1 … Read more

Why are isotopes useful? Application of Isotopes

Question: Why are isotopes useful? Answer: Isotopes are valuable because they help us understand the diversity and behavior of elements, aiding applications in various fields like Carbon Dating, Medical Imaging, Energy Production, and Environmental science. Exploration of Isotopic Utility Archaeological Dating Medical Imaging and Treatment Energy Production Climate Studies Environmental Monitoring More Important Questions on … Read more

What are 5 examples of isotopes?

Question: What are 5 examples of isotopes? Answer: The 5 examples of Isotopes are: 1. Protium (1H) – Hydrogen Isotopes2. Carbon-14 (14C) – Carbon Isotopes3. Uranium-238 (238U) – Uranium Isotopes4. Oxygen-18 (18O) – Oxygen Isotopes5. Iodine-129 (129I) – Iodine Isotopes Examples of Isotope Explanation Hydrogen Isotopes Carbon Isotopes Uranium Isotopes Oxygen Isotopes Iodine Isotopes

Why is it called isotopes? Origin of Isotopes

Question: Why is it called isotopes? Answer: The term “isotopes” comes from the Greek words “isos” meaning “equal” and “topos” meaning “place.” It reflects the fact that isotopes of an element occupy the same place in the periodic table due to having the same number of protons. Explanation Origin of the Term “Isotopes” Key Points … Read more

Isotopes of Hydrogen: Exam-oriented Key points

Isotopes of Hydrogen: Exam-oriented Key points

Today, let’s explore Isotopes of hydrogen, the lightest and most widespread element in the universe. Despite its simplicity, hydrogen has some hidden mysteries, particularly the presence of isotopes. What are Isotopes? What are the 3 isotopes of hydrogen? Hydrogen has three isotopes: protium (1H), deuterium (2H or D), and tritium (3H or T). These isotopes … Read more

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