Ancient India History MCQ Asked in Previous Year’s WBCS Preliminary Exams [132 MCQs]

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Please find below a compilation of Ancient India History MCQs that were asked in the WBCS Preliminary Examinations from 2000 to 2022.

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Ancient Indian History MCQ Asked in Previous Year’s WBCS Preliminary Exams

Ancient India History MCQ: Asked in WBCS Prelims 2022

Q1. Who is the composer of Allahabad Prasasti?
A. Harishena
B. Bishakhdutta
C. Kalidasa
D. Shudrak

Answer – A. Harishena

Q2. The earliest fossil remains of archaic Homo sapiens have been found in
A. Siwalik hills
B. Narmada valley
C. Nallamalai hills
D. Chotanagpur Plateau

Answer – B. Narmada valley

Q3. Arrange the list of foreign travellers in chronological order:
A. Xuanzang (Hieun Tsang )
B. Itsing
C. Fa Tsien
D. Megasthenes

A. A, B, C, D
B. A, D, B, C
C. D, C, A, B
D. D, C, B, A

Answer – C. D (Megasthenes), C(Fa Tsien), A(Xuanzang), B(Itsing)

Q4. Match the following:
a. Kot Diji …………… 1. Luigi Pio Tessitori
b. Harappa …………. 2. F.A. Khan, G.S. Ghurye
b. Kalibangan …….. 3. Daya Ram Sahani
d. Mohenjodaro ….. 4. Rakhal Das Bandyopadhyay

A. (a-2), (b-3), (c-1), (d-4)
B. (a – 1), (b-3), (c-2), (d-4)
C. (a-4), (b-1), (c-2), (d-3)
D. (a-3), (b-2), (c-4), (d-1)

Answer – A. (a-2), (b-3), (c-1), (d-4)

Q5. Who among the following stated that there was no slavery in India?
A. Strabo
B. Ptolemy
C. Megasthenes
D. Xuanzang (Hieun Tsang )

Answer – C. Megasthenes

Q6. In which of the following inscriptions we find the earliest reference to ‘Sati’?
A. Asokan inscription of Girnar
B. Aihole inscription
C. Eran inscription
D. Damodarpur inscription

Answer – C. Eran inscription

Q7. The Gupta King who destroyed Sakas was
A. Samudra Gupta
B. Chandra Gupta-I
C. Kumara Gupta
D. Chandra Gupta-II

Answer – D. Chandra Gupta-II

Q8. The earliest evidence of settled agriculture in the subcontinent comes from
A. Utnur
B. Burzahom
C. Mehrgarh
D. Bagor

Answer – C. Mehrgarh

Q9. The first sermon of Gautama Buddha is called
A. Mahabhinishkraman
B. Dharmachakra Pravartana
C. Dhammaghos
D. Mahaparinirvana

Answer – B. Dharmachakra Pravartana

Q10. Who among the following was the Greek king of Syria mentioned in the Asokan edict?
A. Antiochus II Theos
B. Ptolemy II
C. Antigonus
D. Alexander

Answer – A. Antiochus II Theos

Q11. Match List-I with List-II:
……..List-I………. List-II
A. Moriyas….. 1. Pippalivana
B. Videhas….. 2. Mithila
C. Licchavis…3. Vaishali
D. Mallas……..4. Kapilavastu

Which of the above is/are not properly matched?
A. (a-1), (b-2), (c-3)
B. (d-4)
C. (c-3), (d-4)
D. All of the above

Answer – B. (d-4)

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2021

Q12. When did Sakabda commence?
A. 78 A.D.
B. 78 B.C.E.
C. 178 B.C.E.
D. 178 A.D.

Answer – A. 78 A.D.

Q13. Who is the author of the Allahabad Pillar Inscription?
A. Rudradaman
B. Harisena
C. Samudragupta
D. Banabhatta

Answer – B. Harisena

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2020

Q14. Boghazkoi is important because
A. it is known as a significant trading centre between Central Asia and Tibet.
B. the original text of the Vedas was composed there.
C. inscription found here mentions the names of Vedic Gods and Goddesses.
D. None of the above

Answer –C. inscription found here mentions the names of Vedic Gods and Goddesses.

Q15. Which among the following places has given the earliest evidence of agriculture in the Indian Subcontinent?
A. Pratapgarh
B. Mehergarh
C. Quetta
D. Kalat

Answer – B. Mehergarh

Q16. Who among the following historians has written the book entitled ‘The wonder that was India‘?
A. A. L. Basham
B. Alison Bashford
C. R. C. Majumder
D. Satish Chandra

Answer – A. A. L. Basham

Q17. What were the two assemblies during the early Vedic period?
A. Samiti
B. Sabha
C. Samiti and Sangam
D. Both A. and B.

Answer – D. Both A. and B.

Q18. Which of the following is a correct statement about the Indus Valley civilization?
A. Both Harappa and Mohenjodaro are located on the banks of river Ravi (Irabati).
B. Both Chanhudaro and Kalibangan were located within the boundaries of present-day Rajasthan.
C. Both Surkotada and Dholavira are located in the Kutchh region of Gujarat
D. Lothal site was located on the bank of the Narmada river.

Answer – C. Both Surkotada and Dholavira are located in the Kutchh region of Gujarat

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2019

Q19. Where did Gautama Buddha attain Nirvana (enlightenment)?
A. Lumbini
B. Sarnath
C. Kusinagar
D. Bodh Gaya

Answer –D. Bodh Gaya

Q20. Who wrote Mrichhakatikam ?
A. Vishakhasdatta
B. Shudrak
C. Banabhatta
D. Bhas

Answer –B. Shudrak

Q21. Who among the following succeeded Samudragupta as the next ruler of the Gupta dynasty?
A. Chandragupta II
B. Vishnugupta
C. Chandragupta I
D. Skandagupta

Answer – A. Chandragupta II

Q22. The inscriptions of Ashoka and the Brahmi scripts were deciphered by
A. Alexander Cunningham
B. James Princep
C. Max Muller
D. Mortimer Wheeler

Answer – B. James Princep

Q23. Which among the following places have given the earliest evidence of agriculture in the Indian sub-continent?
A. Pratapgarh
B. Mehrgarh
C. Quetta
D. Kalat

Answer – B. Mehrgarh

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